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August 14, 2018
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August 15, 2018

August 14, 2018 (Bellevue, WA)— Imagine for a moment you’re waking up to the second day of Blockchain Seattle 2018 . You’ve just experienced eight hours of presentations, networking, and maybe even some hands-on work and, understandably, you have a lot to think about. As you reflect on all of the knowledge you’ve gained and the people you’ve met, you’d like a bit of a breather before jumping back in. Thankfully, you bought a ticket to the Women in Blockchain Breakfast, the perfect lead-in to Blockchain Seattle’s day 2 programming.

Taking place September 11th at the Bellevue Arts Museum, the Women in Blockchain Breakfast is your opportunity to meet and connect with leading female figures in the blockchain space, all while benefiting a good cause. Though the event will touch on blockchain topics, it will be a very different experience from the rest of the conference. Our panelists will discuss the tangible ways in which blockchain has changed their professions and how they came to be involved with the community. Designed with a conversational and casual atmosphere in mind, this event will shed light on personal narratives and promote diversity not only in blockchain, but the overall tech industry.

The Women in Blockchain Breakfast has been made possible through efforts of a great non-profit and the support of Perkins Coie, Martin Davis PLLC, & Reflective Venture Partners.

This event is connected with Women in Blockchain-Seattle, the monthly meetup series catered to female-identifying professionals and enthusiasts of all levels. Although this group has only been operational for the better part of a year, they have become a key space that empowers women in the industry and drives the exchange of ideas.

The Women in Blockchain Breakfast is partnering closely with this group and featuring their Seattle founder, Andrea Louie , as a moderator for the panel.

Louie said:

“We have a great panel of speakers coming and can promise that you will learn something. Your presence is an encouragement to all of us.”

Louie will be joined by a multi-disciplinary panel of women working in the blockchain industry:

Perianne Boring , Founder and President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce

Gwen Sheridan , COO of New Alchemy

Dominique Shelton , Partner at Perkins Coie

Martha Montoya , Founder and CEO of Agtools

Our speakers come from a wide array of backgrounds, which should make for a well-rounded discussion and set of personal accounts. Sheridan said,

“I have had the good fortune to work in a number of different industries: Human Capital Management software, consulting, and others. While I enjoyed those experiences, I have never found anything to be as exciting and intellectually challenging as blockchain.”

Proceeds from the Women in Blockchain Breakfast will go to the Ada Developers Academy , a non-profit offering software development training to women and gender-diverse people in the Seattle area.

“I am a passionate believer in blockchain technology. I believe that blockchain will bring transparency and security back to the financial services sector,” Boring said, “Please join the movement. We need you.”

“Women’s adoption of blockchain will be very simple, since their multitasking skills in many industries and family events have existed for many decades.” Montoya said.

Don’t miss this chance to make your conference experience that much more memorable; make sure to secure your ticket for the breakfast. We welcome guests of all genders, industries, and levels of experience, even those that are not attending the conference. If you or your company would like to get more involved, we are also still in the process of accepting partners for the event.

“Women who are interested in technology and entrepreneurship should attend this breakfast,” Shelton said, “Leadership from all walks of life is necessary for new technologies, businesses, and policies to grow and thrive; look forward to seeing you there.”

About Blockchain Seattle

Blockchain Seattle was founded in 2016 and began as a meetup with the objective of educating and connecting the blockchain community. Now, anyone interested in blockchain can join the discussion of blockchain use cases, implementations, and future potential. The group has over 2,000 members and hosts regular meetups, often partnering with local blockchain companies. The inaugural Blockchain Seattle conference will feature five unique, area-specific tracks for participants to attend, based on their area of expertise or interest, as well as a Developer’s Academy. Find out more about the five tracks and the Developer’s Academy here .

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