PRESS RELEASE: Why You should Restrain from Checking Cryptocurrency Prices and Give it a Break

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August 14, 2018
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August 15, 2018

Cryptocurrency markets had a hard crash during previous 7 days. Over 40 billions US dollars were wiped out leaving cryptocurrency markets with 191.91 billions US dollar total market cap. But is there a lot to be worried about?

Despite the fact cryptocurrency prices are all time low in last 9 months it means nothing negative for main cryptocurrencies idea and blockchain itself.

Cryptocurrencies solves too much problems to be burried

All Youtube videos shouting ‘Bitcoin is dead? ‘ and negative hype surfacing within various social channels is a filter of panic sellers and no more .

Thanks to Bitcoin we have Blockchain technology , which is absolutely amazing and worth to be endorsed by any who is smart and future driven person. For example Switzerland , they are planning is to Use Blockchain to Secure Their Academic Credentials from Fraud . Or Canada , its government is now using the Ethereum Blockchain. Or Arizona, USA, its Residents Are Now Able to Pay Taxes in Bitcoins or Any Other Cryptocurrency. This is an amazing step further in global level creating transparency and honest society.

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Thanks to cryptocurrencies we can send 1 000 000$ for 0.10$ transaction fee from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world in few minutes . Thanks to cryptocurrencies world has no walls .

Thanks to cryptocurrencies you don’t need someone who charges you every month just for holding your own money. Thanks to cryptocurrencies you can send some money to your family or friend on sunday in a few minutes. Cryptocurrencies are speed and trust between two people . It is flexibility of life.

Price means nothing . Once you understand the idea of this financial model you just relax and keep evolving everyday. Why cryptocurrency creators does not stress everytime their beloved coins drops 30% or more? BECAUSE THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE CRYPTOCURRENCY PRICES . It is about making world a better place.

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Behind the scenes and prices there is thousands of cryptocurrency mining farms, mining equipment manufacturers. Thousands of people works there. Huge number of cryptocurrency projects are supported by governments and business mens. Some of them are even backed by them.

Crytocurrency gives us a chance to be more efficient . And that’s it.

Why You should restrain from checking cryptocurrency prices? Because it won’t change anything, except your mood. Better Contribute to UNICEF Australia by Sharing Your Computing Power for Charity and make world a better place.

Cryptocurrencies are too far to go back to denial . Only way is forward.

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