PRESS RELEASE: Why Bitcoin Futures Will Be The Fuel For Ripple’s (XRP) Price

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There is every reason to watch out for Ripple’s XRP digital token after bitcoin future had found a place in CME since December last year. Though everyone is placing their bet on bitcoin to reach a fresh high in the years to come, there are at least three fundamental catalysts that could help XRP virtual assets. There are other cryptocurrencies too that are seeking to increase their value.

Price Volatility

According to Investing Scope , Bitcoin, which is the most valuable digital asset and the favorite, gets the safest tag appeal for investment when it comes to crypto. On the other hand, Ethereum, which boasts of a straightforward concept, is touted as a big and enjoys a positive outlook. However, it does not enjoy big backing from enterprises, and this could be a negative catalyst from the perspective of institutional investors and founders’ dependency.

As far as Ripple is concerned, it is enjoying several respected clients, which is quite impressive, especially from big international banks. Aside from these, the digital currency is creating an xRapid solution for processing providers for payment service to attract a much bigger audience. The firm is advanced by virtue of its maturity and technology adoption offering digital coins.

Investors’ Confidence

There are also other virtual assets such as stellar, bitcoin cash, tether, Cardano and Monero. However, the increased amount of confidence will probably be on Ripple, as well as; it’s XRP digital coin. In fact, even bitcoin will follow suit after that only. As far as bitcoin is concerned, an extreme upside potential could come from short selling through the cryptocurrency is maturing as an investment vehicle.

A report indicated that there is potential for solid returns in Ripple’s XRP and institutional investors could see low risk and high rewards in the digital coin. This could help the crypto-coin to keep moving. Currently, most of the cryptocurrencies price is struggling simply because of lack of support from institutional investors. Ripple and XRP stand to gain once the institutional investors start investing more and the futures will only add to the catalyst.

At a current stage, traders on twitter predict Bitcoin to rise in price soon leading cryptocurrency markets to a resurgence and institutional FOMO in November.

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