PRESS RELEASE: Buy in ZARA or El Corte Ingles and Pay with Bitcoins Thanks to Spanish Startup

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October 8, 2018
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There are different perceptions about the cryptocurrencies around the world, and yet the emerging asset class is gaining ground in everyday life though slowly but steadily. The current year has not been an easy one for the virtual assets as regulators have put their pressures on the issuers. However, the fact is that it is opening up to newer fields are there for everyone to see, and it could soon become a currency for online purchases.

Startup Firm

This is quite evident from the way the Spanish start-up Eurocoinpay has developed various solutions. Those solutions enable users to pay online tickets through digital coins thus becoming the first app to provide users’ option to make payment and collections on virtual assets. The move will also allow shoppers to engage in the most habitual purchases through online.

The most important factor is that the platform offers various systems to enable users to make liquid investments in different cryptocurrencies including the most valuable bitcoin. The startup firm has also provided a tool enabling the changes in respect of real contribution prices to happen instantly. The new asset classes included gift cards of the primary brands apart from the establishments in Spanish.

Launch Of Debit Card

Another important development is that Eurocoinpay has launched its own debit card with a maintenance fee of 20 Euros per year. The company sends the digital coins from Zara , El Corte Ingles , Decathlon , ToysRus , MediaMarkt , Repsol , and Carrefour . The company is also making efforts to come out with its own virtual assets, EurocoinToken, which is predicted to come next month.

The company indicated that any registered user could acquire this digital coin for a price of Euro 0.50. The timing is tricky considering that the market is going through a sluggish phase as there is a lack of interest from institutional investors. The move also comes at a time when most of the cryptocurrencies price has plunged more than 50 percent in the current year after peaking in December last year.

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