PRESS RELEASE: The First Physical Cryptocurrency Store in The U.S. Launches on October 20

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October 16, 2018
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October 16, 2018

Digital currency sector is taking one more shape in the United States, which never discouraged innovations. This time, it is going to be a cryptocurrency store for the first time in the country. Cirrus Technology is pioneering the concept of a storefront that will be launched on coming Saturday, i.e., October 20. It might be unique for those engaged in the virtual asset sector.

Only Place

Cirrus Technology is clearly taking advantage of the emerging asset class’s growing adoption and the importance it will have in the upcoming period. For, this purpose, the company is launching its storefront in Music City Mall in Lewisville. The key factor is that it will be the only place where the existing miners could either repair their mining machines or maximize it.

The company indicated that it would celebrate its storefront opening day withdraw and that will come with several prizes too. At the same time, the company revealed that there is no need for anyone to make purchases. As the prices of cryptocurrencies have witnessed a significant drop in the current year after peaking in December last year, the mining activities have slowed down due to costing. The maximizing concept will undoubtedly attract miners since that could save costs.

Exhibiting Mining Machines

Cirrus Technology indicated that the visitors to its shop could see the selections of mining machines with ASIC and GPU . The company disclosed that the visitors could make purchases of any real-world items with the help of digital currencies. This included novelties and electronic items like computer goods or Rolex watches.

The company is specialized in customizing mining rigs, as well as, gaming computers apart from virtual reality technology. It would also maximize the user’s computer besides repairing them. The interesting development comes in the midst of diverged opinions about crypto coins and the underlying blockchain technology . Also, the development indicated that people involved in the emerging asset class are continuing their efforts despite some skepticism.

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