PRESS RELEASE: Security of Blockchain, Interoperability of Fiat, Ease of Low Interest, and Much More. Meet Victorieum

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Platform Victorieum has introduced its revolutionary and disruptive platform – The primary object of the platform is playing the role of ‘middle-ground’ between a high growth potential cryptocurrency related projects and investors in cryptocurrency & strict regulations introduced by the institutions and the government.

With increasing number of blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity against fiat currencies for privacy and online transactions. This gain in momentum for cryptocurrencies has led to many institutions in the banking industry and many governments enforcing stringent measures, even completely banning cryptocurrency and all transactions involving it.

The Victorieum token is an essential component of the Victorieum ecosystem comprising a wide array of components and services which aim in bringing about a transformation within the existing, centralized financial systems.

Pre-sale of the Victorieum token which starts from 20th October will be the first step towards achieving its goals. A total of 1 billion VTM tokens will be available for a supply out of which only 100 million tokens will be made available during the pre-sale at a 40% discount till 5th November and the VTM token is available for 1cent/token.

Victorieum aims to completely disrupt the financial industry using its full-service off-shore crypto-based banking system. Using the Victorieum platform, investors can make transparent investments in cryptocurrencies, trade in cryptocurrencies and execute transactions using cryptocurrency, irrespective of the crypto-based regulations in the investor’s country. Victorieum platform’s operations will be free from all forms of external influences while acting as a self-sustaining ecosystem for crypto-based fintech.

The Victorieum platform and its ecosystem will consist of hi-tech, financial tools required crypto-based payments, banking, and financial services, exchanges etc. The Victorieum platform intends to surpass the limitations imposed on the existing crypto-market with its high-end architecture which ensures stability and high speed.

The Victorieum exchange’s user-friendly design ensures seamless performance along with scalability and maintaining trust for the users. The Victorieum ecosystem will further consist of an off-shore full-service bank for traders, investors, enthusiast of cryptocurrency. The bank will be able to support all forms of crypto-based and blockchain related transaction for its stakeholders.

Using integration of technologies from various platforms such a CivicTM and TrezorTM, users of Victorieum platform will be able to execute transactions in multiple currencies with high-grade security.

The Victorieum platform will be more than a full-fledged exchange for crypto-based assets, a platform will further allow users in opening off-shore bank accounts, current accounts, apply for cryptocurrency backed loans etc. Victorieum’s high throughput algorithm enables transaction at high speeds which can handle millions of transaction every second.

The holder of the token can yield dividends of almost 30% per month using this program. Investors using Victorieum can select becoming silver, gold or platinum token holder. They receive a free Debit Card and Credit Card through its ICO, and these cards can be utilised on the Victoriem platform and its bank.

Further, the Victorieum platform will also offer a feature of lending instant loans backed by cryptocurrencies at a low-interest rate of 14%. These loans will be simple to apply wherein the user simply needs to complete an application, then follow a few simple steps, and their loans can be approved within 24 hours.

Victorieum is also based by a Digital wallet app which ensures smooth crypto-based transaction and allows users to make payment, receive payments and store any form of digital coins. Victorieum is a highly versatile and a complete blockchain based platform suitable for trading, exchanging, investing, banking in crypto-based assets along with also providing a comprehensive financial service.

The platform will raise funds using its ICO for further developing and implementing various other services. The VTM token can be traded, invested both against fiat-based currencies and non-fiat digital currencies. The VTM token can also be utilized towards availing of crypto-backed loans on the Victorieum exchange.

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