PRESS RELEASE: Oldest Tech Magazine In China to Accept Subscription Payments In Bitcoin

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October 1, 2018
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October 1, 2018

The oldest tech magazine of China, Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR), could not resist accepting bitcoin for subscription payment. The publication is ready to accept the digital coin for its subscription of the next year, and the cost for it is about 0.01 bitcoin. This translates into approximately US$65 or about 450 in local currency.

Encourage Technology

The decision to accept the digital coin demonstrated the publication’s interest to boost blockchain technology for “practical actions,” a report in indicated. What is more significant is that BSTR has made it clear that in case the virtual asset’s price increase significantly by 2020, then it would not mind in refunding subscribers who have paid through the digital coin. The publication appears to be keen on cultivating fresh readers with the help of accepting digital payment.

The Chinese oldest publication is not the only one to resort to this kind of move. For instance, in 2014, Time publication has started accepting bitcoin for subscriptions to various brands like Good Health, Fortune, This Old House, and Travel and Leisure. Similarly, Chicago Sun Times indicated in April same year that it was not averse to accept the digital coin for its subscription payment. However, it is a different issue that the two publications have removed the virtual asset as a payment option.

Cutting Edge

The publication said,

“It is committed to providing cutting-edge scientific and technological information, in-depth scientific interpretation of hot topics and rich information on science and technology education. Its “Technology Life” introduced the United States with nearly 150 years of history in 2015. The popular science journal “Popular Science” copyright content, and plans to launch a Chinese-English version in 2019.”

As far as Beijing Science and Technology News Service and Technology Life are concerned, the distributed ledger technology is an in-depth tracking focus for a long time. The new network technology might be used for various things like e-commerce, file storage, social communication, identity verification, equity crowdfunding, securities trading, intellectual property, and smart contracts.

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