PRESS RELEASE: FCC Builds an Ecosystem for the Forecasting Market Using Blockchain

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October 1, 2018
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October 1, 2018

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is creating an ecosystem specifically for the forecasting market. This will be based on blockchain technology and with the help of an in-depth machine learning, as well as, Swarm Intelligence-based physics. This will result in generating reliable and secure forecasting statistics leading to the forecasting network impact.

Serious Predictions in an Entertaining Way

TRON Foundation said in Medium that the token economy system had enabled FCC to realize swarm intelligence value closed loop within the ecosystem of forecasting besides establishing a market . The company indicated that it will use the financial outlook as an app thus enabling it to forecast indices in the mainstream cryptocurrency markets apart from stock exchanges over a period of time . The company wants to offer a serious forecast though in an entertaining type.

The official objective of introducing the Forecast Tournament application is also the same. There has to be two-minute slot of various indices trend so that users could forecast on the likelihood of the digital currency’s price will either increase or drop. Another key factor is that the system would reward the users if their predictions are correct proportionally . Outlook on digital coins could ensure the seriousness of the forecast of tokens.

Interest Will Increase

TRON Foundation thinks that the objective of the rewarding correct forecast would boost the participants’ interest. In turn, it will not only become the most informative one but will also serve the participants’ interests . However, the company’s app extends its support of betting only with its TRX as the targets comprise three major stock market indices besides the three hottest virtual assets.

The company disclosed that

“Try to bet different amount, 10/20/50. To avoid addiction to the product, currently, the system has restricted the number of bets per day to 1000. If you want to bet 100, you may choose 50 twice, so it will use only two opportunities.”

As far as stock market indices, it will forecast the general trend when the market opens with a higher success rate.

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