PRESS RELEASE: Blockfolio App Upgrades to Version 2.0 Soon. Here’s What’s New

Crypto Daily Roundup – Sep 15, 2018
September 15, 2018
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September 15, 2018

The most popular cryptocurrency portfolio monitoring app Blockfolio finally announced new version 2.0 to be released soon and invites to see a sneak peek to its new features.

Managing your cryptocurrency portfolio is a serious task and Blockfolio is used globally as a reliable and stable tool to keep your ‘numbers together’ as the app currently lets you add many coins to your portfolio and set the exchange, quantity, and the price you bought and tracks everything further 24/7. Actually, you can even set an alarm if you have an open order on the exchange where the possibility for both Stop-Loss and Stop-Sell orders are not implemented. So you open Stop-Loss order on an exchange while Stop-Sell order you add to your Blockfolio app as the alarm.

What’s new in Blockfolio 2.0?

There is no much information yet but there are certainly some cool features in a new version. For example:

Multiple portfolios;

Ability to input exchange fees;

View prices in the Global Averages;

And much more, but we need to wait for a little.

Of course, Blockfolio 2.0 stays 100% free of charge .

Another segment where the team is planning to keep development is ‘Signals’ feature from the current version of Blockfolio. New projects will be added continuously in Blockfolio 2.0 also.

Countdown to blastoff!🚀Blockfolio 2.0 will soon be rolled out to all users, for free!😄 With a new design, new features, and more teams on Signal Beta, this release is sure to please! Sneak peek below!

— Blockfolio (@blockfolio) September 14, 2018

T he more cryptocurrencies are known worldwide, the more new people desires to enter the markets and Blockfolio is one of the most important tools to have. Also, we invite you to read our picks of Top 7 Beginner Tools to Keep an Eye on Cryptocurrencies .

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