PRESS RELEASE: 10 Globally Known Celebrities Who Supports Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain have always been a major attraction for a large section of the society including our famous celebrities whom we all follow. These celebs act as trendsetters and this encourages their admirers also to move in the same lane. Well, we tried finding out the names of these famous celebs who are into cryptocurrency and these are the names we landed at:

Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher has already made his mark as an unbeatable actor in Hollywood but besides his acting, he is also known for his keen interests in the big tech world. He became a terrific technology investor through his Venture Capital Firm “A-Grade Investments ” and is known to be a longtime fan of Blockchain Technology. As per the reports, he has a good share of investments in various cryptocurrency exchanges backing a number of crypto projects.


The renowned Rapper Nas is next on the list. He is extremely fond of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. In fact, most of the people say that technology investment is the next thing he does after rapping and hip-hop. He has invested in numerous startups including Coinbase , which is a digital wallet company.

Lionel Messi

One of the greatest football players, Lionel Messi is also one of the greatest crypto enthusiasts. He is the brand ambassador of Sirin Labs which is developing a crypto-enabled smartphone that has been marked as the “first cyber-protected blockchain enabled smartphone” by the company. Messi himself revealed that “he is usually busy trying to decentralize the defenses and after getting the in-depth knowledge about blockchain and decentralized systems, he excitedly joined the Sirin lab as a brand ambassador.”


A very famous Rapper, Singer and Lyrics Writer is also very fascinated about cryptocurrencies. In fact, after seeing his craze for Cryptocurrencies, an African Charity Venture-backed up by Akon has announced an involvement of a new crypto called “Akoin ”. It is believed that this new coin would help Akon to construct a new city in Senegal which would be named “Akon Crypto-City”. Although, nothing more has been revealed by Akon on this matter.

Mike Tyson

Boxer Mike Tyson is another celeb who has been found involving a lot in the cryptocurrency mainstream. As per the records, he has deployed a number of crypto ATM machines in Las Vegas in the year 2015. And that is how he kept on influencing his followers to join the same trend and develop a taste for cryptocurrencies. He has also collaborated with a Connexus Subsidiary called “Bitcoin Direct ”. The purpose of this collaboration is to release a digital wallet with a brand name called “Tyson”.

Gwyneth Paltrow

A famous actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow also holds an engrossing relishment in the cryptocurrency. She has teamed up with a startup called “Abra ” which actually is a crypto wallet app. She got into this team via Apple’s Reality TV show named “Planet of the apps”. The app developers approached her and pitched their idea about the whole app development and finally dragged her to fund them.

Luis Saurez

Luis Saurez is one of the best strikers in the world and plays for FC Barcelona and Uruguay’s National Football team. Besides his passion for football, he appears to have a strong bond with the crypto market as well. He has teamed up with a competing blockchain based talent development platform called “Globatalent ” and it seemed to be very excited about the project.

50 Cent

A renowned rapper 50 Cent has been a huge fan of cryptocurrencies for a long time. He made an incredible history in the year 2014 when he allowed his fans to buy his famous album “Animal Ambition” by using bitcoins. And as per the report generated by Techcrunch, after a hike in the price of bitcoin which was witnessed in late 2017, he accidentally ends up making around $8 million out of the bitcoins he earned after the sale of his album.

Martina Hingis

A legendary Tennis player, Martina Hingis who obviously is known to hold the winning titles of Australia Open, US Open, and Wimbledon, also holds some shining crowns in the cryptocurrency area. She was an active participant of the Token Stars Crypto Christmas Charity Auction. She raised a tank having her signature in the auction for the noble cause of crypto charity.


A famous rapper and a DJ Redfoo turned into a programmer and is currently working on a coding project related to a distributed blockchain based platform called “Ethereum”. In mid-2000, he teamed up with his nephew Skyler Austen Gordy to create a fusion of party-oriented hip-hop hits. But later, the news arrived about his involvement in the crypto-based project which totally left his fans in a huge disappointment.

So these were the celebs whom we found actively participating in cryptocurrency in one way or the other. Undoubtedly, all of them have a huge fan following and directly or indirectly they all are making cryptocurrency and blockchain a trending fashion among them.

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