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November 23, 2018
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It has been fourteen months since Electroneum (ETN) came out with its initial coin offering (ICO) on September 14, 2017. Yet, the cryptocurrency price is less than an American cent thus triggering whether it has anything left. Still, it does not matter as long it provides opportunities for scaling and earning a pound of flesh. Though it was forked from Monero (XMR) , the two are on a completely different path despite similarities since it executed KYC requirement.

The British cryptocurrency has its own pluses and minuses as the overall cryptocurrency market is struggling to retain its position leave alone moving forward. It is natural that supporters like the news of any token price moving up whereas the opponents take center stage in criticizing the emerging asset class whenever there is any drop in price. At the same time, there is some belief that Electroneum project would be liked by investors and traders irrespective of the current price.


One of the positive points in Electroneum is that the project does not face any threat of disappearing and the market failed to understand the value of the British’s first digital coin. It is one of the many reasons why it is underpriced.

It came out with a clear emphasis on not only mobility but also micropayments since it is keen on using its platforms, apps, and tokens to offer financial services for everyone around the globe with the help of a mobile handset, which will have key implications.

No Bank Account

That is mainly because a number of people across the world have a mobile phone whereas a lot of them failed to have a bank account. That has deprived them of accessing even the basic financial services. Therefore, the key point in Electroneum is to focus on the unbanked segment, which is a big portion of the population around the world. Also, the virtual asset could prove against any financial crisis, whether domestic or international, like any other digital currency.

Aside from this, there is an additional feature of mobile mining since the ETN token is not mined either in specialized hardware or computers but in mobile handsets. For this purpose, all that a miner has to install an app. This will enable the user to mine a small number of tokens on a day-to-day basis, which is nothing but a revolutionary one. This would mean that anyone having a simple smartphone could get a free sample of money.

Payment System

Aside from these factors, there is also an innovative instant payment system created by ETN team. The system is already a trending and much-appreciated development and after successful tests over 1000 Vendors were invited to implement API Instant Pay BETA.

This is not only quick but safe and free to use. This would mean that people could shift their remittance system from any other service provider like Western Union with the help of Electroneum app to send money. These features would have the potentials for mass adoption if not immediately but later. At that point in time, it would become an attractive one with real economic forces driving the price rather than the speculation.

Has its own Anthem

Did you know, that Electroneum has it’s own Anthem? It was created by one of ETN community members. It’s called the “Electroneum Anthem” and was created by Nave Savage. Check it out:

A cherry on top

Electroneum today announced that it has moved into the KuCoin Plus Trading Area which is kind of a big deal. Good job!

Big news! #ETN has moved into the KuCoin Plus Trading Area! This is a something normally reserved for the top 30 cryptocurrencies, so we’re delighted to be included too. (Although we’ll be there very soon…)

— electroneum (@electroneum) November 23, 2018

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