PRESS RELEASE: What Crypto Traders and Influencers Think About Bitcoin’s Near Future (Research)

Crypto Daily Roundup – Oct 7, 2018
October 7, 2018
PRESS RELEASE: Sidechains Are Bringing ICOs to Bitcoin And That Might Change Crypto Funding
October 7, 2018

While cryptomarkets are waiting for bulls to come back cryptocurrency traders and influencers already started to state publicly their opinions about Bitcoin’s near future as they believe Bitcoin “to moon” soon.

We did a research. Here’s what crypto traders and influencers think about Bitcoin’s near future. It’s like they agreed on the posts. Enjoy!

#1 CryptoMento. Crypto | Long | Short | Swing Trader |

This is the first time in 8 months that $BTC has been trading sideways for over 2 weeks now. If you ask me, id say this is accumulation.

When moon?

Moon soon (a few months)#btc #bitcoin

— MΞNTO (@CryptoMento) October 7, 2018

#2 MaxKeiser. Inventor of Virtual Market-Making for Virtual Currencies

#Bitcoin on launch pad.

— Max Keiser, tweet artist (@maxkeiser) October 5, 2018

#3 Crypto_Skipper. Crypto trader and investor. Takes a Spiritual approach to things

I have a strong feeling: before finalizing 2019 we will live again a new speculative wave more solid than the first

— ➤ Crypto Skipper (@Crypto_Skipper) October 6, 2018

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#4 CryptoHustle. Semi-retired crypto trader


The moment I’ve been waiting for 2 months has arrived… $BTC

— ฿TF%$D! (@CryptoHustle) October 4, 2018

#5 100trillionUSD. “Bitcoin fuels the next Golden Age”

Green zone means that we are about to converge on the logistic (not logarithmic!) trendline of the adoption S-curve, follow the trendline (fine tuning hash rate and price) until halving and then … 🚀🚀🚀

— plan฿ (@100trillionUSD) October 5, 2018

#6 iamjosephyoung. Analyst and investor, focusing on finance, cryptocurrency, blockchain, fintech

Bitcoin ETF won’t happen in 2018. VanEck & Cboe will likely launch first ETF in 2019

But crypto saw many positives already

1. Bakkt

2. Coinbase / BitGo Custody

3. Citigroup, Goldman Custody

4. ErisX / $30 Billion Ameritrade BTC / ETH Futures

5. Crypto Bank in Swiss by UBS Execs

— Joseph Young (@iamjosephyoung) October 7, 2018

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#7 SECRET_TRADER_. Orbiting the earth waiting for his Cryptos to come join

#btc #Bitcoin #ltc #litecoin #xlm #stellar #eth #ethereum #NEO

6 days maximum before we breakout for the biggest bull run in history! 🐂🏃

My weekly chart indicates we are bullish next week 🚀

Its going to be a very important week proving my technical analysis to the world 🙏🏼

— The Secret Trader (@SECRET_TRADER_) October 7, 2018

#8 Cryptokoala_Aus. Cryptocurrency Blogger and Youtuber

The Cracks are getting bigger……even though we don’t need a ETF

But deep down we hope for the approval

— Cryptokoala (NO NEO,BTC or ETH to give) (@Cryptokoala_Aus) October 7, 2018

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