Crypto Daily Roundup – Sep 20, 2018
September 20, 2018
PRESS RELEASE: Kraken CEO Calls OAG regulators an Abusive Ex-Partner
September 20, 2018

On September 30th, the Virtual Economic Investment Academia Guild (VEIAG) will open a Private Sale for our premier token. With this token, we will become pioneers in an unstable cryptomarket. Though blockchain technology has been proven over the past decade to be effective and safe, cryptocurrencies are still seen by many as a fragile, high-risk bet. Even the most popular cryptocurrencies are threatened daily by high volatility, a very real danger that scares both fresh and seasoned traders/holders alike. We at VEIAG see this as a market failure that threatens the future of the cryptomarket. But we’ve got a solution!

We’re a team of experienced and motivated individuals from a variety of backgrounds. With our dedication to innovation and trust in the future of blockchain, we’ve developed a token that will sidestep the cryptomarket’s demonstrated instability by providing value differently. Since the founding of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have characteristically held themselves apart from any real-world tangible products. It’s a fantastic concept, but it’s not easily integrated with real-world portfolios. The VEIAG token offers an alternate approach: We provide a realized floor value in gold bullion, as well as a part of the profits we accumulate through our ethical investment strategy. This revolutionary approach tethers our value to tangible assets and future profits, virtually erasing the faith-based fluctuations in value that currencies like Bitcoin and Ripple face.

It took creativity, technological prowess, and a fresh view of the blockchain’s potential to make VEIAG happen. Every member of our team brought something different to the table, and our product is the proof that diversity of backgrounds and effective collaboration brings success. But we aren’t doing this alone. We have collected a team of advisors and experts in their respective fields,that will grow with our needs as we expand. Our continuously expanding team will continue this collaborative spirit and bring us to new heights, contributing their voices and expertise to our business strategy via our virtual platform.

We have also found a fantastic partner in the United Nations Global Compact. In an effort to galvanize private sector commitment to sustainable development goals, the Compact invites CEOs to pledge commitment to sustainable business practices and ethically participate in the formation of a better global future. VEIAG stands at the forefront of the Compact as the only cryptocurrency organization in the world specifically designed around its noble principles. With the UN as our lodestar, we have every expectation of operating with moral integrity and sustainable conduct, internally and on the global stage.

With our investment in sustainable development projects, our cutting-edge use of blockchain technology, and our democratic and transparent business practices, our token is ready to change markets.

To get more information, or to get involved, stay tuned to our website and our twitter feed.

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