PRESS RELEASE: TRON’s Director View on What is Causing Delay in Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork

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TRON’s director of the public chain, Marcus, blamed the “consensus issue” for the delay in Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork. He also explained the consensus issue and the root cause for it. His comments on the back of a test on October 14 that turned out to be an unsuccessful one. As a result of the consensus issue, the testnet became unusable.


Marcus explained that inconsistencies between the executions of EIP from different Ethereum clients had caused the ‘consensus issue.’ He believes that Parity might not have been executed fully or there might have been bugs during the implementation process. He pointed out that the parity team is working on fixing the issue even as they launched the 2.1.3 beta version. The delay in the upgrade meant that Ethereum’s third stage development could not be undertaken.

Reacting to the recent developments, Marcus said,

“The Ethereum development team didn’t make an official announcement to delay the MainNet upgrade, only some members in the developer community said: “so no Constantinople in 2018”.

There is no official announcement yet. But based on the efficiency of Ethereum, it is very likely that the upgrade will be delayed.

Solving Inconsistencies

While stating that he is monitoring the progress, Marcus said that the team is working to resolve the inconsistencies among different clients to make the upgrade happen. He did not see any issues at the moment and pointed out that things are moving smoothly. He indicated that the upgrade has happened during the weekend thus resulting in a delay in noticing the problem since several members were away from their work.

Marcus referred the congestion issue on Ethereum and thought that the upgrade will provide the foundation for the ensuing sharding mechanism. Any delay would mean that the congestion issue will continue to prevail. Similarly, while referring to the repeated delay in ethereum Constantinople hard fork, he pointed out that it has several features like EIP 1283 that could cut costs for users and developers. Therefore, if there is further delay in the upgrade, then the developers and users would not gain.

Image via TRON Foundation

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