PRESS RELEASE: Tone Vays Believe That Everyone Is a Scammer. Latest Comments on Cryptos

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November 5, 2018
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November 5, 2018

Cryptocurrency investor, Content Creator, Derivatives Trader & Consultant Tone Vays who also has over 75k subscribers on Youtube believe that everyone is a scammer even as his credentials are at stake. Aside from this, he also indicated that he expected to the bear side of bitcoin, which is the most valuable and highly priced digital coin currently. It would be tough whether his comments will be taken seriously by either investors or others who are following him.

Sells His Trading

There are enough doubts about Tone Vays because he is selling his “trading numerical trading indicator.” Incidentally, there was a charge that this was stolen from the boulevard and he has been accused of presenting himself at “every scammy conference that scams people out of big money.” And now, he is engaged in organizing his own scammy meetings if the Reddit tweet is any indication. A Redditor indicated having to acquire Home-Haircutting solution a few weeks back.

Though the delivery was quick, he believes it to be an “awful” now. On top of that, he pointed out that there are no refunds. Therefore, the user has advised fellow Redditors to avoid it at all costs. Another user said that he could confirm that “he’s a dildo in real life too.” In a nutshell, his credibility is at stake because of his dubious negative comments or stance on altcoins.

Holding DASH

That is because he is said to be holding DASH despite saying that it is not good. A Redditor said that Tone Vays has himself put in a piquant position to talk anything other than bitcoin since he might have clouded his judgment. The user pointed out the instance of Andreas Antonopolous, who was vociferously supporting bitcoin at one point in time and ventured into ethereum because of its potential.

However, Tone Vays thinks that bitcoin is not interesting to him currently and is looking for the Descending Triangle to break one or the other way. He sees the digital coin in the bearish side. Significantly, he is said to be having an opinion that his indicator cannot be called as unique. He has also been accused of not being fair when it comes to altcoins.

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