PRESS RELEASE: Tip Blockchain announces the launch of Initial Coin Offering

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July 13, 2018 — Today, Tip Blockchain announces the launch of their Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The launch introduces their proprietary token–TIP–to the cryptocurrency market. With TIP, users will be able to initiate transactions with other users and merchants. The supporting platform powering TIP allows users to create unique usernames; this makes it easy to discover other blockchain users and subsequently send and receive payments.

Usually, cryptocurrency payments require crypto-owners to find the wallet addresses of other users. These addresses are comprised of a long, complicated, and impersonal string of characters. Because crypto addresses do not include distinguishing keywords, phrases, or names relative to their owners, it is easy for users to send payments to either the wrong wallet or a nonexistent wallet.

By creating an ecosystem that prioritizes usernames, Tip facilitates usability and discovery on the blockchain. Tip’s founder and CEO, John Warmann, believes that focusing on usability is the key to bringing cryptocurrency to the masses. He says,

“There is an abundance of coins entering crypto exchanges on a weekly basis. But no accessible platform allows users to transact with these coins and other crypto owners. Through the development of the Tip platform and, now, the TIP token, we hope to remove the confusion and intimidation from cryptocurrency transactions. For cryptocurrency to truly become the future of financial exchanges, blockchain-based organizations must find ways to make it accessible to all people — not just crypto enthusiasts. Because of the platform’s focus on the discoverability, transparency, and user experience, we believe Tip will serve as the bridge that invites mainstream users into the cryptocurrency landscape.”

With the launch of Tip’s utility token, users will have the opportunity to leverage the TIP currency to:

Initiate peer-to-peer transactions.

Buy products from merchants that utilizes Tip’s blockchain point-of-sale system.

Store data on Tip’s decentralized database.

The TIP ICO pre-sale phase will run from July 13-July 20, 2018. Participating in the pre-sale offers a 50% valuation bonus; 1 ETH is equivalent to 15000 TIP during this time frame.

Following the close of the pre-sale on July 20, the crowdsale will begin immediately and run through August 17, 2018. During this time, the bonus rate and valuation of the coin will shift in weekly intervals. The bonus rate schedule during the crowdsale is as follows:

July 20-27, 2018: 30% bonus; 1 ETH = 13000 TIP

July 27-August 3, 2018: 20% bonus; 1 ETH = 12000 TIP

August 3-10, 2018: 10% bonus; 1 ETH = 11000 TIP

August 10-17, 2018: standard price; 1 ETH = 10000 TIP

For more information on TIP’s utility and the overall roadmap, you can access the company’s whitepaper on their website:

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