PRESS RELEASE: This is How Top 100 Bitcoin Whales Wallets Balance Changed Since June 2018 (Analysis)

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While cryptocurrency markets are still waiting for resurgence we are currently able to sum the performance of the top 100 Bitcoin whales wallets balance since June 2018 until now including September. So we did calculations and here are the results.

According to bitinfocharts this is how Bitcoin whales balances performed in the last 30 days:

8 whales sold (-45 834,46 BTC );

14 whales increased in balance (+109 522,94 BTC );

78 whales balance has not changed.

And here’s the important insights regarding top 100 wallets balance since June 2018

Comparing these numbers with our result in June and August there are some positive signs we want to underline:

FACT #1:

Bitcoin Whales bought 45% more bitcoins than in June, and 20% more than in August.


✓ Current levitating Bitcoin price between 6300$-6600$ suits for whales and they see it attractive.

FACT #2:

✓ 92% of Whales do not consider selling their Bitcoins. In June this percentage was 94% , and in August – 93% . As we see it is kind of stable number since we started our analysis on June 2018.


✓ Bitcoin Whales hold their BTC tight. They expect Bitcoin to be more worthy later.

FACT #3:

✓ Bitcoin whales keep growing their advantage in the number of Bitcoin comparing to “mortals”.


✓ The more whales own, the more manipulated market can be.

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