PRESS RELEASE: This is How Paying in Ethereum for Starbucks Coffee Looks Like

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December 22, 2018
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The recent video shared by TenX (PAY) team show how paying in Ethereum for Starbucks coffee looks like. This is something every cryptocurrency adopter strives to see daily. Thanks to TenX, we can finally see it clearly and with satisfaction.

Spend ETH, Get Coffee

The Co-Founder of TenX went to one of Starbucks coffee shops and used its native card and wallet app on the smartphone to pay in Ethereum for coffee. The video reveals that after buyer links TenX wallet to Ethereum and then uses the Card to purchase coffee the payment process is confirmed instantly. Any exchange from crypto to fiat happens in the TenX Wallet and not on the Card.

Spend #ETH .

Get coffee.

— TenX (@tenxwallet) December 21, 2018

Such small steps into cryptocurrency adoption and mainstream usage are vital and solve a real-world issues.

More on top, TenX (PAY) had an amazing surge in the last 30d. According to coingecko PAY increased over 28 percent in price in the last 30 days and currently price hovers around $0,45 USD with a marketcap of $52.7 million.

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