PRESS RELEASE: The Solution for Investing in ICOs for New Crypto Adopters

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July 27, 2018
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July 28, 2018

Entering the world of crypto can be daunting. New adopters are caught between the fanfare and the pundits, the promise of millions and misinformation, and the difficulty of trying to understand a new emerging market with legitimate and disingenuous investment opportunities alike.

New adopters face similar challenges when entering the world of ICOs, seeking to support successful, profitable projects. The hurdles they face include being able to distinguish feasible ICOs from scams or Ponzi schemes, accessing and interpreting basic information. Many ICO’s neglect to provide information on team members, use of funds, legal/regulatory information, or “tokenomics.” Developing a sound investment strategy based on crucial metrics is of paramount importance. As a solution, Vertex has created a platform that addresses these issues by providing the right incentives to everyone involved in an ICO and will provide newcomers with tools that will make investing in crypto easier.

What is the Vertex platform?

Vertex has created the first token aftermarket: a platform where tokens from ICOs that have been acquired by Vertex in private and during presales will be made available to users. Crypto funds will also be able to sell the tokens they have acquired using the Vertex aftermarket. On the other hand, users will be able to go through a single KYC process to get on the platform, and then have access to all the ICOs listed there with key information on the tokens and after experts have vetted them.

Filtering out scams

While it is always recommended to do your own research before participating in any sort of token purchase, newcomers to crypto can have the peace of mind that the Vertex team is incentivized to list only ICOs it thinks will be successful because its own money will be invested in them. Vertex experts evaluate ICOs, only buying into and listing on its market those which they consider likely to be successful projects.

Having the right information for investors

Newcomers to crypto who use the Vertex market will also be able to have the right information they need to decide which ICOs they want to participate in. As mentioned above, Vertex has the incentive to gather key information on the projects they buy into and offer on their platform and will make this information available to investors who use their aftermarket.

Analysis for investment strategies

The last hurdle we mentioned for newcomers is the development of a sound purchase plan. To address this, Vertex is disclosing the analysis that its equity and venture capital experts conduct on each project, on its platform. Although again, there is no substitute for strong independent research that each user should do on their own, users of the Vertex aftermarket will be able to see how investment experts have analyzed the tokens on sale.

With sugar and cherry on top: streamlined process and preferential access

Vertex is a great solution for newcomers to crypto who wish to buy into ICOs because it not only covers the issues outlined above but goes beyond to make the process as beneficial as possible to its users. As previously mentioned, users on the Vertex market will have access to ICOs listed there after having gone through a single-point KYC process, which reduces significantly the barrier to participating in ICOs with different KYC procedures. Additionally, users of Vertex will have access to ICOs at a preferential price because Vertex will be an early buyer, which allows it to sell to its users under more favorable terms. Vertex aftermarket users will also have access to tokens before they are sold on exchanges. Users will likely experience even more favorable prices due to the design of the Vertex utility token, which will be available in limited supply.

With transparent information and analysis, streamlined processes, and incentives to offer the best possible ICOs, Vertex is providing an exciting solution that will hopefully make entering the world of ICOs less daunting to newcomers, whether they are individuals, institutions or traditional investors.

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