PRESS RELEASE: The Official TenX Response to Accusation for President Being Involved in a Pyramid Scheme

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TenX president Julian Hosp was recently linked to the Lyoness saga. Lyoness is an Austrian discount shopping service recently declared an illegal pyramid scheme operating in Austria, Norway, and Switzerland.

The summer was filled with Chinese whispers on the internet claiming that Julian was involved with the illegal scheme before becoming the president of TenX.

A video has emerged that seems to show the president offering an online tutoring session teaching viewers how to recruit new participants in the pyramid scheme.

This video, if authentic, is quite damaging to the reputation of TenX. Also, the contents of this video point to a lack of integrity and a willingness to promote dishonest strategies with an aim of getting profits.

Among the pointers highlighted in the video by Hosp are exhortations for users to exploit relationships with family and friends since they cannot escape them. Also, they are advised to hide the real reasons for requesting meetings with them. The same video also features tips for evading any ‘annoying questions’ about how Lyoness works.

The Official TenX Response

After that video surfaced, TenX took to Reddit to shed light on the situation. They acknowledged that they had received misleading reports about Julian Hosp’s past affiliations with Lyoness. The quick response is meant to control the impact of these allegations on TenX.

The team responded to the articles claiming that there is a relationship between Lyoness and TenX through Julian’s past association with the pyramid scheme. They also noted that the articles claimed that there are dubious practices done by TenX based on Julian’s training videos on behalf of the Lyoness members.

The TenX team said that Julian was a public speaker, writer, and motivational coach involved in many projects before joining TenX in 2017. He was an “active member” of Lyoness starting from late 2011 to mid-2015.

While he was involved in the marketing and sales of products and conduct training sessions at Lyoness, all these activities stopped in 2015 and he has had no affiliations with the pyramid since then.

Julian has never intended or made no attempts to hide his past activities with Lyoness. In fact, his connections with Lyoness are highlighted in chapters 23 and 24 of his published book going by the title “25 Stories I Would Tell My Younger Self (2015).” The book was written before he left the scheme in 2015.

The TenX team stated categorically that Julian’s past activities and affiliations with Lyoness as highlighted in various articles have no connection with TenX. They also added that TenX has never had any type of link or even affiliation with Lyoness. They also clarified that they do not stand for practices that promote underhand and dishonest tactics in the relentless pursuit of profit.

TenX is wholly committed to ethical and transparent business practices in their aim of making cryptos spendable in daily lives. They ended by confirming their undivided support for Julian throughout this unfortunate mud-smearing campaign.

The Comments

However, the community doesn’t look satisfied with the clarifications. One Redditor expressed his thoughts regarding official Ten X team’s response. Here are his thoughts.


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