PRESS RELEASE: The New Demo Version Of Binance Decentralized Exchange Is Here. Have A Look

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The binance decentralized exchange was anticipated to be delivered to the public one or two months later but the team delivered it much earlier.

It is not yet perfectly developed and is in the early stage. Lots of changes will be made to the current format. The binance centralised exchange is all about tokens. You can issue or create a token, list a token on the decentralized exchange and the token can also be traded for another.

In a very little time, Binance became one of the biggest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The blockchain industry is huge and being one of the most influential companies among them is a big deal.

If you are a good developer of blockchain you can do a lot of things with it. The whole idea of creating and issuing tokens depends on your knowledge of blockchain and programming languages. If that was not enough, you can even put them on the decentralized exchange. It’s being predicted by many that the Binance Chain Dex would go a long way and that too, very soon. This thing will prove to be really vital for the success of the industry.

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Binance CEO, CZ , shares a sneak peak of the current progress of Binance Chain and Binance’s future Decentralized Exchange:

If you want to be a part of this revolution

You must have a good web development experience as well as knowledge. At the same time, if you don’t have any idea about object oriented languages likes Java and C++, it would be almost impossible for you.

In case you already have these two traits, the next thing you should look for is a good experience with blockchain technologies. Understanding the wallet RPC calls, JSON responses and monitoring methods like ZMQ is also very necessary.

Major experience with major established blockchains would prove to be really helpful for you.

There are conditions as well. The salary would be completely competitive and would not be absolutely fixed. Secondly, the working conditions would be flexible and you can work as per your choices, but make sure you do your work perfectly. You would be put in a Central location where highly talented as well as International colleagues will surround you. It would help you improve yourself as well as increase your efficiency. Being a good part of such an exciting future and revolution of the cryptocurrency would be a great thing. The users will be given complete access to latest blockchain technologies and new cryptocurrencies would be listed. The potential is very high and that is what pumps up the excitement of the whole world.

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