PRESS RELEASE: The Launch of a New Token Asset Offering Platform

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September 24, 2018
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DasCoin has announced the arrival of Das33, a new token asset offering platform. Greenstorc, a world-renowned low-heat geothermal energy production corporation, will be the first business to be listed on the Das33 platform.

Das33 will allow businesses like Greenstorc to distribute their own unique tokens termed “premium tokens” on the DasCoin blockchain, meaning that companies will be able to facilitate funding of their new projects through the participation of members of the DasCoin community and those who possess DasCoin .

The unique nature of Das33 lies in the fact that it uses a strict governance model to ensure that professional business experts will analyse every company’s project application. This will maintain the integrity of the platform and ensure that only projects that have potential for development are presented to members of the DasCoin community for consideration. Such a model greatly differentiates Das33 from other token asset offering platforms.

CEO Michael Mathias said that he was proud of the new platform and excited to see the ways it would increase project trust and encourage community engagement among DasCoin members. He added that the interest of a company such as Greenstorc shows the potential for the ways a platform as revolutionary as Das33 could help to advance the goals of businesses that seek to break ground and be innovative in their fields.

How the Platform Works

Das33’s tokens are part of a smart contract that can be joined by using DasCoin. These ‘premium tokens’ under a smart contract require a company to pay a premium whenever specific predetermined performance milestones, or KPIs, are achieved. Users can participate in the platform with a DasWallet account, enabling them to exchange DasCoin and various other crypto assets that are supported by DasWallet. This will allow users to receive the tokens, which can be traded on the DasExchange.

Das33 is named for the 33 nodes that the blockchain is built on. Das33 users can also create their own original projects, promote these projects, and secure funding for them through the exchange of their tokens. The DasCoin community will be able to pledge funds for any projects they choose. DasCoin’s goal is to use the new platform to begin a cooperative community approach to project development, drawing on the experience of members and letting them choose which projects to fund.

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