PRESS RELEASE: The First-Ever Monero (XMR) Mobile Wallet Monerujo Launched Its Beta

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Monerujo is widely known as the first-ever open source mobile application that can use and manage the Monero (XMR) wallets. This type of wallet is considerably ‘light’. It majorly utilizes remote nodes that synchronize with a blockchain network and simultaneously store the user’s private data safely on the device.

Recently, Monerujo announced that they have launched their newest beta app version that comprises of a new take-on node management system dubbed Node-o-matiC. The new technology integrates organic discovery, manual customization, bookmarking, and ping sorting on one amalgamation of coding artistry.

Get Monerujo’s newest beta, featuring our new take on node management: Node-o-matiC!

We’re marrying manual customization, organic discovery, bookmarking, and ping sorting on a single salad of coding artistry. What could go wrong?

— Monerujo (@monerujowallet) November 25, 2018

Key Improvements

The development team worked relentlessly to make several improvements that enhance the new technology’s operating efficiency. They have improved the Ledger Nano S support on-the-go, fixed minor bugs, and introduced new translations in Swedish, Russian, Greek, Romanian, and Hungarian. They also improved the NFC support for Send and Receive for example the QR code.

The key developments include a new feature dubbed Node-o-matiC. This is a noteworthy release since the app now automatically scans the entire network for open nodes. After extensive scanning, it connects with the best node.

Thus, users are not required to manually specify any particular remote nodes or depend on node services. However, you can specify your desired nodes manually if you wish to do that. For the new users, the new feature lets them use the app efficiently without worrying about their network connections.

These new improvements also ensure that returning from Street Mode needs password or fingerprint authentication. Stagenet is also eliminated by the new beta version of Monerujo. The new release is geared towards enhancing Moneroju’s security and efficiency of all operations.

The newly updated app is available on the Alpha Monerujo F-Droid Repo , GitHub , and Google Play Store . The company also has a dedicated support team working around the clock to solve any arising issues and users can reach them on the /r/Monerujo .

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