PRESS RELEASE: The Current Market Collapse is Intended to Shake Out All Weak Hands

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November 20, 2018
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Many analysts and investors are confused because Bitcoin and the entire crypto market have plunged while Bakkt is looming in the horizon. Institutional money also came earlier than the majority of the stakeholders noted. It is obvious that institutions and banks are good at generating profits by making services available at affordable rates for the general public.

Financial institutions make cycles on the cheap services aiming to make profits every time. Recently, the banks and other financial institutions are coming up with stablecoins with an intention of gaining mainstream popularity and adoption. Concurrently, most people argue that Bitcoin will die off soon because it is not a tangible currency.

In the case that Bitcoin becomes a steady store of value like gold, institutions may start by queuing Bakkt and then queue the crypto market price dump. Apparently, most people who barely know anything about bitcoin will never readily accept it.

Nonetheless, crypto is slowly gaining momentum within the financial industry space which will soon make it available to the general public for many uses including retirement funding. The prevailing collapse of the crypto market may be orchestrated by institutions wishing to make huge profits while simultaneously bringing back faith in Bitcoin in the long run.

The Reset

Experts, analysts, and investors have a similar opinion stating that any asset that goes parabolic eventually goes back to its breakout point. There is no specific practical point that can get pinpointed as the mark where Bitcoin ‘technically’ broke out. However, the current market collapse is intended to shake out all weak hands.

The price is dropping to make Bitcoin available and affordable to more small-scale investors. Cryptos are also intended to get introduced to the larger populations using various platforms like Bakkt. In the end, the market cycle will allow the prices to start rising again forming a new upward parabolic movement.

Currently, the traditional markets are also dwindling and they need a rejuvenation strategy. If Crypto is adopted mainstream in the future, it may become the new stock market . Consequently, the large players and institutions will make huge profits from it. They will invest in the low market cap coins and later cash out for thousands of percentage in profits.

If cryptos get adopted mainstream, they will become ‘the’ safe haven whenever the stock markets start plummeting. The large market investors can turn bitcoin and the crypto market into the mainstream if they wanted to do so. Probably, they have started doing it already.

The process starts with dumping bitcoin while simultaneously destroying the traditional markets. They may then ensure that the crypto market bottoms as the traditional markets simultaneously experience extensive sell momentum. Cryptos and Bitcoin will start rising again as institutions and large investors encourage people to invest crypto into their 401k and other investment portfolios.

The retirees will start making money using Bakkt and the markets’ new world order gains popularity becoming a mega booming industry. The general public will invest into a small percentage of the market while the institutions and mega-investors become the majority shareholders once again.

Being the majority shareholders of Bitcoin supply, the ‘big fish’ will yet again remain in control of the general public’s money. Therefore, they can dictate the direction that they want any market price to take. The institutions can accumulate any crypto that they wish in any amount that fits their needs.

The Reddit user toohottoospicy made a good insight asking

“Do institutional investors really want to buy in at market value? I don’t think they do, I think it’s likely that the large market drops are deliberate. They don’t want to buy from us at our prices, they want us to buy from them at their prices.”

Let us remind, that current bloodbath is taking place right before BAKKT and ETFs go live.

As the markets languish in confusion, the larger players are buying the assets released in every sell-off, and for a reason. As we ‘wait and see’ they are ‘buying and holding.’

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