PRESS RELEASE: Swell by Ripple 2018 Starts Today. What to Expect?

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October 1, 2018
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Swell by Ripple 2018 is held in San Francisco where leading experts on policy, payments, and technology are already gathered. The event kicks off with President Bill Clinton’s keynote speech and Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse opening remarks.

Latest coverage of the event will be available on Ripple’s official Twitter and other social platforms later.

Global payments network and rules that govern RippleNet

On the eve of Swell, representatives from various banks and banking sectors like MUFG Bank , Bank of America Merrill Lynch , WestPac , Standard Chartered , Banco Santander , Siam Commercial Bank , American Express , and SBI already attended the discussion regarding the rules that govern RippleNet and global payment networks. Ripple puts all efforts to ensure standardization across the network as it scales rapidly.

The company states that the standardization of rules that govern RippleNet is a critical question to concretize .

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Program of Swell 2018

October 1:

Keynote by President Bill Clinton ;

Leaders from global banks will share how Ripple’s blockchain technology has opened up new opportunities in remittances around the world;

Innovators in international payments — Cuallix IDT , InstaRem and BeeTech — end the day with sessions on topics ranging from cheaper and faster payments through RippleNet to digital asset adoption across the financial services industry.

October 2:

Amy Radin, author and Fortune 100 chief innovation officer, Ben Braybn, head of Level39, and Tokunboh Ishmael, chairwoman of the African Venture Capital Association and managing director and founder of Alitheia Capital, sit down to discuss how they embraced disruptive technology as part of their organizational ethos with moderator Ripple SVP of Business and Corporate Development Kahina Van Dyke ;

Swell by Ripple 2017 – Investors expected some hype, received disappointment instead

During previous Swell by Ripple on October 16-18 2017 , ripple investors expected some gains as Ripple did a quality promotion campaign and had some well-known speakers. However, XRP price from 0.26$ went to 0.23$ during the Swell by Ripple 2017 and many negative opinions surged on social media calling Swell by Ripple a “rich men chat with a live streaming” as nothing impressive wasn’t announced or presented. Of course, this is just an opinion. I personally have enjoyed some great discussions back then.

What to expect?

First of all, prepare to get some quality discussions but do not expect to hear any massive announcements. Also, try not to consider buying or selling XRP just because Swell by Ripple 2018 just started . Try to focus on charts these days and leave news alone. Don’t be tricked in a trade just because the event is happening as there are many people selling the news, because they bought before the event.

To conclude with – do not expect drastic price fluctuations as now whales are carefully listening to what ripple team talks .

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