PRESS RELEASE: Star Trek Veteran Actor Talks About Crypto. Drags Charlie Shrem Into Conversation

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People are pondering over as to what William Shatner , a Canadian veteran actor who also had took his role in Star Trek original series, is trying to say by talking about cryptocurrency all of a sudden. Significantly, he dragged the leading virtual currency bitcoin’s one of the earliest adopters, Charlie Shrem. As a result, doubts are raised whether someone is feeding him to create hype when the overall market is in a sluggish mode.

Talk On FOMO

In a tweet, William Shatner said,

So @coindesk – 👍🏻 & 😘 is a thank you I do here for liking a tweet of mine not some clandestine dark web signal that something is afoot. Talk about FOMO!🙄 You aren’t! I promise I’ll call Charlie Shrem or someone when I’m ready. 👍🏻

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) November 8, 2018

Interestingly, even Charlie Shrem , who is a bitcoin advocate and evangelist, failed to understand as to what the Canadian actor is trying to tell him.

Shrem is a co-founder of BitInstant that was established in 2011 and is also responsible for creating the Bitcoin Foundation. His frequent speech on behalf of bitcoin has allowed investors to treat him as the virtual asset’s strong supporter. It is not just Shrem, but even his friends failed to understand the reason behind Shatner dragging his name into his tweet. In any case, this is termed as “the sickest ambient-fueled shoutout ever.”

Timing Assumes Importance

There are several tweets indicating as to what William Shatner is trying to say while another tweet believes that he is trying to create the overall viability of the virtual asset. The tweet said that mass adoption is yet to start and that the market is on the S curve. With another tweet from Shatner stating that Shrem will be one of his first calls when he has something noteworthy on the crypto, the confusion has widened.

When I have something crypto newsworthy- you will be one of the first I call. 👍🏻

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) November 8, 2018

Obviously, Shrem indicated that Shatner could call him anytime and said that he was not sure as to what he is talking. This has attracted Proteus to tweet that

“it’s pretty obvious that someone is feeding him crypto acronyms & terms to tweet”

and try to create hype. The user believes that it is working and termed it as smart and cheap publicity.

Source: Modern Consensus / Author Ken Kurson / Image collage via Pixabay

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