PRESS RELEASE: Snapparazzi Pre-ICO Sale Goes Live – Starting 14th September 2018

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Snapparazzi has announced 14th September 2018 as the starting date for its pre-sale ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Snapparazzi is a revolutionary and decentralized independent media sharing and advertising platform based on blockchain technology.

Snapparazzi and its operational model

Snapparazzi enters the media stage to solve the serious problem of incomplete media coverage . When a high value social, economic, political, or entertainment event takes place, reporters from mainstream media are not always there to take the footage. This is the gap that Snapparazzi aims to solve .

Snapparazzi targets to disrupt video-on-demand as well as the digital spending market that is growing very fast and expected to hit a value of up to $291 billion by 2020.

Their target is to become a self-governing platform with international membership providing top quality and events broadcasting supported by a decentralized reward model.

The Snapparazzi solution to the media coverage gap

Share your footage and earn profits in SnapCoin

Snapparazzi provides everybody with an opportunity to capture great footage and share it with us to make a good profit. The Snapparazzi app allows everybody with a smartphone to record and sell footage to willing buyers using the distributed blockchain platform. Buyers can be international media, local media, or individual news outlets.

Get more from advertising and optional viewing

Users on the Snapparazzi network get targeted ads via optional viewing requests. Every time you accept ads, a reward in SnapCoin will be issued as compensation for the time spent. In a nutshell, the more you watch videos, the more you earn! The Snapparazzi system also benefits companies with targeted advertising because of its guaranteed audience.

An auction platform for optimizing footage value

The Snapparazzi platform provides a unique auction innovative system where news entities bid for breaking news footage. This will ensure that your footage only goes to the highest bidder for optimal rewards.

The Geolocation Technology will further allow reporters across the globe to get involved directly. Users are sent alerts about breaking news to take advantage of the opportunity promptly.

Earn more as a Snapparazzi moderator

Moderators are Snapparazzi users that assist with managing and screening newly submitted material to help people get the most gripping and relevant footage. They are assessed by the Snapparazzi platform and get rewarded with SnapCoin.

Join The Snapparazzi’s Ecosystem:








The Snapparazzi ICO – your chance to join the project

As the traditional media channels continue to decline, cryptographic and blockchains are growing exponentially. Snapparazzi, opens the door for investors through a pre-ICO sale starting on 14th September 2018.

You can join and buy part of the 70% of the Snapparazzi 735 million SnapCoins. The SnapCoin is an ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, it is supported by all ERC20 compliant wallets such as Legder Nano S, MyEtherWallet, and Parity.

You can pay for the tokens using wire transfer in USD/Euro, BTC or ETH. At the end of the ICO, the tokens will be released to buyers’ wallets to start trading in exchanges.

SnapCoin is the blood of Snapparazzi

Important to know: When Snapparazzi sells 70% of the SnapCoins during the ICO, Snapparazzi will have to make token redemptions (on the exchanges) to reward the users.

SnapCoin has a real function, meaning it’s a real utility token.

Here is the ICO schedule:

ICO event



The Start of Pre-ICO

14 th September 2018


Pre-ICO end

2 4 th September 2018



01 st October 2018


End of ICO

29 th October 2018


Snapparazzi Ltd,

Palace Court, Church Street,

St. Julians, STJ 3049,


Company register number C86876

[email protected]

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

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