PRESS RELEASE: Security Tokens to Bring 10% of Global GDP ($8 trillion) Into the Blockchain Ecosystem by 2024

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September 29, 2018
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Jeff Brown is a technology guru, analyst, and an angel investor for over 20 years now. He even attended and helped to develop first self-driving cars back in 2011th and even graduated the same astronautics program at Purdue University as also did Luis Armstrong, a man who walked the moon. And Mr. Brown bets on Security tokens and Blockchain.

Jeff attends a huge number exclusive cryptocurrency and blockchain event in New York what let Jeff become an “insider” in many blockchain and cryptocurrency related projects.

Brown is sure that the mainstream media doesn’t tell you much about the future of cryptocurrencies and adds, that crypto “insiders” are preparing to profit in the years ahead mainly from blockchain related technology and security tokens.

The wave of the security tokens boom is ramping up

According to Jeff, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE ) and NASDAQ top hedge fund managers and leaders in the blockchain industry are focused on the same thing: the creation of the security token industry . Brown said,

“One executive I spoke with expects security tokens to bring 10% of global GDP – roughly $8 trillion – into the blockchain ecosystem by 2024. That represents growth of 28X.”

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Security Tokens to Take Over Wall Street

Security tokens make it much easier for companies to raise the capital they need to grow. Registering securities for a traditional IPO is a tedious, expensive process that requires companies to go through several layers of middlemen and costs millions of dollars on lawyers and brokers.

Security tokens will disintermediate those middlemen, which will reduce costs and simplify the process of launching a Security Token Offering (STO).

That will tear down the roadblocks currently preventing small businesses from raising capital which, in turn, will foster capital allocation to small-cap businesses that will drive economic growth.

And that is why security tokens will be the most robust asset class within 18 months .

Massive institutional capital will flow in from hedge funds, pension funds, and family offices. And the blockchain industry’s market cap will likely be in the trillions by early 2020 as a result.

That’s not just blind speculation it is coming from the highest tiers of Wall Street. Institutional players have not yet piled into the cryptocurrency market because they are waiting on a regulated token environment. The security token industry will provide that environment .

Read the full and unedited story by Jeff Brown here .

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