PRESS RELEASE: SBI Ripple Asia to Execute the Concept of Electronic Payment in Japan

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Japan-based SBI Holdings subsidiary, SBI Ripple Asia , disclosed that it completed the registration as an agent for electronic settlement. This is a substitute business meant to use IT like API so that it would be able to get data like the balance and depositor’s bank account history of usage from the bank.


The company disclosed that following the implementation of “law to reform part of the banking law, etc.” in June, there is a possibility of executing the concept of electronic payment in Japan. For this purpose, the firm has received enrollment from the Treasury Department, its release stated. Its statement said that the electronic settlement will offer “the depositor” or “depositor “Transfer orders from bank accounts of other bank accounts to other bank accounts to banks on behalf of depositors,” etc.”

For smartphones, SBI Ripple Asia is nothing but a remittance app connecting the next generation of financial infrastructure. This meant that it would use the blockchain technology at the “Internal and external exchange centralized consortium.” This would allow them to develop a situation enabling depositors to remit money comfortably, safely and quickly between individuals. The company pointed out that its aim is to help financial institutions’ burden and connect participating institutions with the help of open APIs.

Execute Business Model

The Japanese firm’s subsidiary is intending to register the electronic substitution, as well as, any other substitute firms. This is to make sure that there are no issues in executing the electronic payment as far as money tapping is concerned in the upcoming period. Similarly, the company is keen to offer key data to users.

The company disclosed that users would have to fulfill an agreement with the participating banks. This will enable them to realize safe, as well as, seamless settlements through cashless development. The objective is to encourage not only new industries but also improve productivity. For its part, the company indicated it would do what it can to cut down on social expenses.

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