PRESS RELEASE: Sarson Funds: Tomorrow WallStreet will Start Priming the Bitcoin Rally

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Sarson Funds, an independent provider of cryptocurrency investment vehicles and digital asset market intelligence today shared the invitation to invest in cryptocurrency:

“BREAKING: Jan 2 – Buy Before Bitcoin’s Big Day. Institutional money stockpiled in Nov & Dec – we know, we tracked it. On Wednesday, WallStreet $ will finally start priming the Bitcoin rally.“

But What are the Arguments?

John Sarson, the Founder of Sarson Funds, has been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg and CNN discussing investing and risks in cryptocurrencies. He is saying that:

“On January 2nd, banks will re-open and hedge funds holding on to new deposits will be clear to wire deposits to cryptocurrency exchanges.”

Sarson Funds expect it to be more than enough buying power to cause a massive surge in digital asset prices. It also states that Bitcoin’s 83% selloff sparked renewed investment interest in digital assets and late December’s price stability helped solidify the asset class’s revival appeal.

In the official release , John Sarson explained why new limited partners who entered in November or December have been holding their investments until January 2nd and named two reasons:

Few investors want an extra K1 form for just one month of management;

Market stability had not yet manifested by December 1st, the cut off for most funds to take on new investments. As such, most cryptocurrency managers suggested that clients wait and come in on January 2nd.

The founder of Sarson Fund expressed:

“We believe that the minor strength seen recently in the market reflects pockets of “nimble” investors taking positions before this institutional money gets deployed.”

According to John, Bitcoin’s general rise in price since December 15th is evidence that buying pressure has already outstripped supply and invites to consider entering the positions now before this flurry of purchases leaves the slow-moving with higher prices to pay.

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