PRESS RELEASE: Saracens Rugby And StoneX Agree To New Sponsorship Deal

PRESS RELEASE: EOS Imaging sees a 19% revenue increase on a yearly basis
January 12, 2021
PRESS RELEASE: EOS Imaging sees a 19% revenue increase on a yearly basis
January 12, 2021

StoneX Financial Ltd stands as StoneX Group Inc’s subsidiary based in London. In a recent announcement from the Group, it was revealed that this London subsidiary had managed to secure a partnership deal with the Saracens, a leading rugby club in the UK, for four years.

Finding Opportunity Amid Misfortune

Through this new partnership, StoneX Financial Ltd will become the main club sponsor for the Saracens, with the London ground of the Saracens to be renamed the StoneX stadium. Another important facet of this partnership is that City Index will also be featured as a lead partner within the kits of both the men and women teams of the club. City Index itself had acquired StoneX back in July of 2020, and is itself the London-based subsidiary of Gain Capital.

As for how StoneX managed to get this deal is a bit of a spicy topic. Allianz had originally sponsored the Saracens, but promptly ended its association with the club after a scandal involving salary caps engulfed it around a year back. Since then, the Saracens had suffered an initial point deduction of 35 points, with a £5.4 million fine tossed on top of it.

The Mandatory Public Statements

Philip Smith stands as the CEO of StoneX Financial Ltd, and gave the mandatory public statement about the matter at large. He expressed his delight in announcing the long-standing partnership to begin with. He further highlighted, as each of these public statements seems to love to do, how much in common these two organizations have for each other. In this public statement, the mutual link has been claimed to be their mutual and relentless drive in achieving excellence through their efforts.

Indeed, Smith went as far as to say that the common phrase of “pounding the rock” is a ubiquitous one among these two organizations, something he claimed binds the Saracen rugby players and StoneX traders together. From there, Smith started to praise his own firm, as anyone in his position would do. In his case, he highlighted the core of StoneX’s value proposition as a global financial services organization: Patience, hard work, and dedication to its clients.

Every Partnered Firm Always Have Shared Values

Praising the Saracens next, Smith stated that these same values are shared by the rugby club in question. This is proven, according to Smith, by way of the club’s commitment to player welfare, their high-performance culture, and overall dedication to the Saracens’ fan base. As the last word, Smith expressed his excitement for the coming years and months to see how this new partnership will develop.

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