PRESS RELEASE: Roger Ver Donating $1m to Startup if They Build on BCH Instead of BTC

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December 30, 2018
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December 30, 2018

Marc De Mesel, who calls himself an early Bitcoin investor, just updated a tweet , saying that:

“There’s only 1 boss in crypto. Roger Ver donating $1 million to startup payment processor OpenNodeCo if they build on BCH instead of BTC.”

Such statement was made by Roger Ver himself in Youtube channel during the video named “How Lightning Network Scales For The World – Lightning Network Explained” .

Approached to Tim Draper

Starting video timeline at 21.45min Roger reveals the offer which is actually addressed to Tim Draper , U.S. based venture capitalist and Bitcoin supporter, who recently invested $1.25 million USD in the same mentioned payment processor startup – OpenNode.

Roger Ver approached to Tim Draper by saying:

“So Tim Draper, I’ll match your investment in OpenNode, don’t have to give me any equity whatsoever. You just have to start building on the cryptocurrency that actually has the ability to become money for the world in a reasonable number of decades rather than waiting to a century plus.”

Money for the World

The creator of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has expressed that Bitcoin (BTC) can not become money for the world in a reasonable amount of time with a blocksize limited to a 1 MB with 4 MB blockweight. This being said, Roger asked to build the platform on Bitcoin Cash rather that Bitcoin to get the $1 million USD donation.

Roger Ver concluded saying that entire worlds adoption of cryptocurrency is being delayed because of the sensorship, the propaganda and the blocksize of btc.


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