PRESS RELEASE: Research: How Much Worth of $USD Sent in the Last 24h? By Top 5 Cryptocurrencies

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To have a better clue on how much worth of $USD “migrates” every day within cryptocurrency transactions globally we prepared a research which includes not only worth of $USD sent in the last 24h but a list of TOP 5 cryptocurrencies as well.

According to bitinfocharts totally sum of $ 8 188 743 531 (~$8.2 billion) is sent within the last 24h in cryptocurrency and here’s the list of TOP 5 cryptocurrencies:

BITCOIN (BTC) – $6 817 411 499 (82.8%);

DOGECOIN (DOGE) – $691 401 974 (8.4%);

ETHEREUM (ETH) – $330 643 916 (4%);

BITCOIN CASH (BCH) – $239 215 107 (2.9%)

LITECOIN (LTC) – $110 071 035 (1.3%).

What DOGE does here?

As you see, a quite unexpected guest is in second place with $691 401 974 sent in 24h. Such money. WOW.

To conclude

Almost 8.2 billion worth of $USD were transacted between wallets in the last 24h . Pretty good numbers while being in a dip, don’t you think?

Seems like cryptocurrency markets are not a sandbox anymore. These billions of $USD are the sum of only Top 5 cryptocurrencies out of over 2000 now. The financial order might really change its shape in the near future as the current monetary system is inefficient for a world we are living in today.

Image via DOGE Youtube

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