PRESS RELEASE: Raual Pal: Investing in Bitcoin Now Could Be of Benefit for Retirement Savings

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November 18, 2018
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November 18, 2018

An elite macroeconomic and investment strategist, Raoul Pal came out with the single most key financial topic of the generation, i.e., the upcoming retirement crisis. He has some genuine questions for people on their capability to retire and how the upcoming crisis will impact their lives. Significantly, this came on the heels of the stock market trying to recover from October crash even as cryptocurrencies are making its presence felt strongly.


Pal pointed out that the demographics were the big story of his time and it referred about the baby boomer generation. He said that this is the biggest generation of people throughout the world that had ever known across the globe. He added,

“Now, that generation drove all of the macroeconomic forces that we come to recognize as normal.”

He also referred to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Though he believes that they are slightly contentious, he pointed out that this is something that he has been mulling for quite some time. Pal said that if there are problematic areas of allocation of other assets, then there is something in cryptocurrency or a group of digital coins. He does not mind even SEOs though he indicated that he was well aware that most of them are scams. However, he also sees something good among them as the global regulators will start regulating the emerging asset class.

Amazing Opportunities

Once the digital coin sector is regulated around the world, there existed tremendous opportunities for return on investments in the next three decades. He pointed out the case of bitcoin that has come strongly since its inception though it is struggling to hold on to its price currently in the face of a bearish trend. Though he claimed that he is not a crypto bull, he could understand the risk/reward of investing in virtual assets that could be of benefit for retirement savings.

He added,

“As a millennial you’re basically faced with the same fact set that you had in equities back in 1982 or in bonds back in 82 was inflation gonna be there forever or was the 18 percent returns you were given in bonds exceptional was the P of six meaning that cult of equity was dead or was there a long-term opportunity in America.”

He believes that crypto and initial coin offerings (ICO) will develop them to be rich similar to that of the current equity market.

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