PRESS RELEASE: Ran NeuNer Sees Expensive Ego Battle Citing Hash Rate War

Crypto Daily Roundup – Nov 18, 2018
November 18, 2018
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November 18, 2018

A crypto follower, Ran NeuNer, thinks that there is a serious battle of egos while referring to the hash rate war that is going on currently following the bitcoin cash

4.54 % hard fork. Also, there is growing concern at least on two issues, i.e., when it could be over, and that questions were raised whether it could lead to damaging the complete ecosystem in the cryptocurrency sector.

Hash Rate Now Same

In a tweet, ‘cryptoman ran’ , said

“All-out war! Hash rate now same and SV almost the same number of blocks. Both sides are burning cash.. This could be a seriously expensive battle of Egos.”

Significantly, this came on the heels of how users have bitcoin

0.86 % hash power were forced to mine bitcoin cash

4.54 % though Cobra-bitcoin dismissed it as an act of desperation.

All out war! Hash rate now same and SV almost same number of blocks. Both sides burning cash.. this could be a seriously expensive battle of Egos.

— Ran NeuNer (@cryptomanran) November 17, 2018

Reacting to the latest tweet, JustJamieLynn4u said that it is not trying to damage the reputation of XRP. Another person believes that the move is meant to drive Wall Street into the XRP

7.78 % arms whereas one more user thinks that bitcoin

0.86 % should be known as splitcoin citing so many forks in the past. Incidentally, bitcoin cash

4.54 % itself was forked from bitcoin

0.86 % last year amidst differences within the community.

Dup Each Other

In a tweet, Crypto King asked to wait until deposits are enabled. The person also thinks that both will not only try but will also dump each other coin to nil. Some of the tweets preferred or advised to shift in buying XRP

7.78 % relative to bitcoin cash

4.54 % following the hash rate war. The hash war has started on November 15 even as the price war commenced in the preceding week. Interestingly, Craig controlled 51 percent and called the shots. Stairlifts think that XR could replace bitcoin (BTC)

0.86 % .

Interestingly, XRP

7.78 % price has gained 8.9 percent during the 24-hour period. On the other hand, bitcoin

0.86 % and bitcoin cash

4.54 % prices have added 1.31 percent and 2.49 percent respectively. For the seven-day period, XRP gained 1.56 percent whereas bitcoin and bitcoin cash suffered a drop of 12.36 percent and 27.6 percent respectively.

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