PRESS RELEASE: Portland Holdings Chair: I Really Don’t Understand Bitcoin, So I Am Not Gonna Touch It

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November 9, 2018
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Michael Lee-Chin, president and chairman of Portland Holdings , joined BNN’s podcast with Catherine Murray and suggested his view on investing in Bitcoin.

Mr. Lee-Chin has indicated that,

“You have to default as an investor to some principles, a freemark that guides you. And the key to investing is to buy thing that you understand.”

And then added,

“So if someone asks me about Bitcoin I say “I really don’t understand it, so I am not gonna touch it.”

Michael a successful investor and is currently in #1867 place within the Rich list according to Forbes and his real-time worth is $1.5B.

By the way, as a teenager, Lee-Chin worked landscaping at a hotel, then got a gig cleaning the engine room on the Jamaica Queen cruise ship. He also worked as a road engineer for the Jamaican government after studying civil engineering at Canada’s McMaster University

Michael Lee-Chin made a fortune investing in financial companies like National Commercial Bank Jamaica and AIC Limited.

To conclude

As far as experienced and successful investors stay away from Bitcoin and investments in digital-assets just because of being unfamiliar with it, this again proves that cryptocurrencies are the gem for millennials .

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