PRESS RELEASE: Opera’s CryptoWallet-Integrated Desktop Browser Goes Live

PRESS RELEASE: Opera’s Desktop Crypto Wallet Integrated Browser Goes Live
April 9, 2019
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April 9, 2019

Official reports reveal that Opera’s long-awaited desktop web-browser version, dubbed Reborn 3, is now live. The new browser is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Opera’s desktop browser comes with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet that lets users explore and interact with the blockchain-based dapps of “Web 3.

The wallet also enables users to transact without using an extension like Metamask. Reborn 3’s built-in wallet now syncs seamlessly with that of Opera’s mobile Android browser to enhance security. Last December , Opera introduced its browser with integrated Crypto Wallet. It became the first among its competitors to integrate a crypto wallet. That move enabled users to enjoy seamless access to the emerging web of tomorrow (Web 3).

Opera’s wallet automatically detects and shows ERC20 compliant tokens. Some Dapps may use the tokens as in-game currency, for example. Opera also shows any crypto collectibles users may have (ERC721) which are at times known as NFTs. According to the latest developments, syncing of the browser with the crypto wallet means that the wallet keys never leave the users’ Smartphone.

Furthermore, the browser offers a virtual private network (VPN) feature to enhance users’ security and privacy.

How does it Work?

Primarily, it seems like a two-factor authentication procedure. Whenever users want to execute a transaction on the blockchain or identify themselves, they get a notification on their phone. Unlocking the mobile phone using a fingerprint verifies the said transaction. The VPN integration creates an encrypted tunnel that ‘protects users’ data from third parties and simultaneously secures their geographical location.

The crypto wallet never requires any movement of funds to execute transactions on the desktop. It synchronizes entirely with the cryptocurrency wallet in the Opera Android browser App. Nonetheless, all notifications and authentications are handled via a Smartphone. Opera targets to facilitate users to do almost everything online in a centralized place. Hence, the browser now shapes up with app integration for all types of messengers and more.

Users can now browse blockchain applications by just typing their recognized addresses into the URL bar directly. With these developments, the service now enables clients to buy Ethereum directly from its browser-based wallet.

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