PRESS RELEASE: NetCent: Crypto Payments are Starting to Take Off. More Than Tripled in Q4

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December 5, 2018
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December 5, 2018

NetCent is an online payment processing platform, offering consumers and merchants online services for managing electronic payments including cryptocurrencies.

In a recent press release company stated that it has experienced a triple increase in direct merchant sign-ups alone in the last quarter to 387 direct merchant sign-ups.

Confidence and acceptance of cryptocurrency

This indicates the increase in merchant confidence and acceptance of cryptocurrency as a method of transacting through NetCent’s Instant Settlement program and merchant gateway.

Accompanying this increase in confidence, the Company anticipates that it will continue to see a 200 – 500% growth per quarter in the upcoming year through both direct and partner merchant sign-ups.

In August, the Company launched its Partner Programs and to date, the Company has announced eight major partnerships.

Through these partnerships, the Company has direct access to hundreds of thousands of merchants that these partners currently have in their portfolio and have begun onboarding their merchants to the NetCents platform and these merchants are now accepting cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency payments is starting to take off

Clayton Moore, CEO of NetCent Technology indicated that company spent the last year laying the groundwork to become the underlying technology to drive cryptocurrency payments and it is starting to take off.

Another successful partnership between PrestaShop and CoinGate confirms the fact that cryptocurrency payments are taking off not only in physical shops but online as well. After CoinGate integration into PrestaShop platform more than 80.000 online shops in Europe are now able to accept cryptocurrency payments.

To conclude, Pundi X is also worth mentioning as company plays an important role in the crypto settlement sector as recently copmany announced expansion into farming with its thousands of devices.

Furthermore, a recent partnership with Dubai’s official government credit bureau and regional distribution partners gives an opportunity for Dubai to offer digital payments on Pundi X technology.

Aside from these companies Electroneum is also delivering an innovative instant payment system created by ETN team. The system is already a trending and much-appreciated development and after successful tests over 1000 Vendors were invited to implement API Instant Pay BETA.

It seems like companies developing crypto payment solutions are gaining more and more confidence and acceptance from merchants itself and this finally will make a positive impact for whole crypto community.

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