PRESS RELEASE: MiVote & Orange Generation announce national blockchain vote on gun policy

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MiVote & Orange Generation announce national blockchain vote on gun policy

HOUSTON, TX: During the first official event by Orange Generation, #HoustonForChange, organiser and local Houston activist Marcel McClinton, alongside Adam Jacoby, Founder and Chief Steward of global NGO MiVote, announced plans to launch a national vote concerning Gun Violence Prevention.

“Our aim is to elevate the conversation from one about specific legislation we need to introduce, and instead come together as a country and define what it is we are willing to accept, and most importantly, what we are no longer willing to put up with” McClinton was quoted in the joint press release.

McClinton has gained wide support and respect from a viral video produced by Now This, and highlights how working with MiVote is helping to unite the American people behind what they have in common, rather than what divides. MiVote, international leaders in community decision making, have built a secure voting platform, in partnership with Horizon State., “Orange is the official color of gun violence in America, and our organization want to make sure that we are the last orange generation. To help us bring the American people together, we recognized we had to bring together victims, police and other first responders, the medical community, often managing the physical and mental damage associated with gun violence, and gun owners, members of the NRA and those who are protesting for Open Carry across the road as we speak. We all have a part to play in improving the safety in our community, and we all deserve a voice. This event today is the start of that process.”

Jacoby, one of fifteen speakers at the well attended #HoustonForChange event, has been recognized as one of the World’s Top 50 Innovators by Codex, representing ideas from industries of the future.

Fresh from founding MiVote’s first US chapter in Iowa, Jacoby said MiVote is honored to work with the team at Orange Generation to deliver the American community our decision-making tool, enabling every voice to be heard equally on such an important issue. American democracy demands that every citizen is given an opportunity to participate in the policy-making that affects their lives, free from partisanship and misinformation. MiVote is thrilled to be a part of this historic national vote.”

The vote is due to be launched in October, with those interested in participating encouraged to register their interest via the MiVote USA website. MiVote’s blockchain-enabled, secure voting platform is built in partnership with world-leading technology company, Horizon State – both organizations are working with the U.N. in pursuit of delivering their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

“This vote represents the first time Americans will come together and participate in a nonpartisan vote which will signal to legislators the direction they want for their country rather than being presented limited options by traditional political parties. True democracy starts with the will of the American people.” continued Jacoby from Houston.

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About Orange Generation

Orange is the official color of gun violence in America – in response, students from Santa Fe High School and four students activists from Houston have announced the Orange Generation (O.G) aimed at reducing gun violence, enacting and introducing common-sense gun legislation, and to begin civil, constructive dialogue regarding gun safety.

About MiVote

MiVote is a revolutionary decision-making platform run on the blockchain, the most secure voting platform the world has on offer. Empowering everyone to have an equal say, issue by issue, MiVote is voting for the 21st century, unbound to partisan ideology. By not accepting corporate donations and holding representatives to an enforceable constitution, MiVote returns accountability to democracy.

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