PRESS RELEASE: Metabase Network: A Blockchain Platform Offering All The Tools a Business Needs

Crypto Daily Roundup – Sep 26, 2018
September 26, 2018
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September 26, 2018

Building a business in today’s competitive digital economy is hard. Accelerating technologies are changing the way people live and consume and forcing businesses to modernize their operations.

Companies must be built on a future-proof and robust foundation that allows for agility and long-term sustainability to succeed. They must also have access to a diverse range of tools that can empower creativity and enable the development and monetization of innovative business models.

What is the Metabase Network?

Today’s entrepreneurs have an important choice to make. They can either build their business on the outdated technological infrastructures of the past or use advanced tools and technologies purpose-built for the new digital economy.

Metabase Network is a high-performance blockchain business engine and developer toolbox designed to empower innovators and entrepreneurs, high growth startups, small businesses and kick ass designers, developers, and engineers to create, build, and lead the industries of tomorrow.

Metabase provides a comprehensive foundation to build and monetize next-generation businesses and complex dapps for smart cities, IOT, energy distribution, supply chain, healthcare and much more.

What can I do with Metabase Network, that I can’t already do with Ethereum?

Other platforms like Ethereum are finding it difficult to scale and have proven hard to use for the average entrepreneur. They are also more geared towards large corporations who have big budgets and diverse skill sets.

Metabase is all about usability, efficiency, and monetization. It’s a platform for startups, small & medium size businesses and developers to monetize their creations and scale up fast.

Metabase is designed to enable any entrepreneur or developer with a basic level of coding experience to utilize it. Users will be able to get their transactions confirmed much faster with scalability features like chain splitting and priority pools and also pay less to create transactions. One of the best elements of Metabase is that users will be able to deploy and monetize complex software functions as Smart OpCodes. Smart OpCodes allow for the creation of a marketplace for entrepreneurs and developers similar to Apple AppStore/Google PlayStore. Smart OpCodes will help standardize programming constructs across domains as OpCodes on the platform layer enable easier app development on the application layer.

How is the Metabase Network different from other platforms like EOS, and Cardano

Metabase does not look at scalability as simply a linear function, but something that is multidimensional, requiring a systems design approach to realize true scalability fully. Metabase will feature an upgraded ‘Ethereum style’ virtual machine, an augmented smart opcode space that will create a more vibrant ecosystem of programming on the blockchain.

This allows new ways for developers to create advanced decentralized applications and monetization capabilities. The platform will also incorporate a dynamic monetary policy system into the scalability solution to create a platform with stable transaction fees for when the platform adoption skyrockets.

Ride the next wave

Metabase has partnered with leading service providers such as PwC, Horangi Cyber Security, Ashurst, and Quantstamp. It has integrated with Bancor to give Metabase token holders access to continuous liquidity regardless of trade volume or exchange listings and received contributions from Arturo Capital, Rhapsody Ventures, Robin Lee, CEO & Founder of Hello Gold and Rune Evenson, Founder, amongst others.

The project has also built a blockbuster advisory team that features leading industry experts:

Christine Heiss – Chief Development Advisor to First Pacific

Dr. Duncan Wong – CEO & Founder of CryptoBLK

Hoi Tak Leung – Legal Counsel at Ashurst

Itai Damti – CEO of Antifragile

Nizam Ismail – Partner & Head of RHTLaw Taylor Wessing

Bernard Kwan – Partner and CFO at Arocrest Capital Management

Gregory Leong – Co-Founder and CIO at Kingfisher Global

Simon Phipps – Head of Asia & Global Development at The Digital Insurer

The Metabase ICO main-sale has started. If you would like to know more, you can do so here.

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