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July 26, 2018
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July 26, 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup was a global showcase for huge sponsors, locals, and tech industry startups alike. The Scorum Sports Media Platform took the field just a day before the opening match by launching the blockchain-powered and fan-centered social media site.

By leveraging the high throughput and free transactions of the Graphene toolkit, Scorum has created a highly scalable solution to engage sports fans around the world.

If You Build It

Just four months after the close of the Scorum Crowdsale, the MVP of Scorum’s core service has proved to be the hit of the season for digitally savvy football fans throughout the World Cup. But this is only the kick-off to what can certainly become the go-to place for sports news and insights across all games and events.

Scorum has put the fan first in every sense by giving keen sportswriters an elegant publishing suite and a unique content rewards framework. With over 50 categories of sport and five language domains already active, the future of digital media is here for the modern fan.

The Scorum Research and Development team realized early on that an engaging sports ecosystem for the over 1 billion active fans worldwide would need a high-performance foundation. The Graphene framework provides a clear advantage in terms of proven performance and adaptability while retaining the security necessary to establish trust among users of the DPoS consensus algorithm.

Pioneered by Dan Larimer in the form of BitShares and Steemit, this open-source toolkit was the logical choice for Scorum. Beyond content creation, the Scorum ecosystem also includes a beta Daily Fantasy Sports site and development of a peer-to-peer betting exchange is also well underway. Both of these products will be completely commission-free thanks to the free transaction model of the Graphene blockchain.

They Will Come

It’s no secret, the key to generating revenue within social media spaces is getting traffic, keeping eyes on the site or app, and selling those views to advertisers. While it’s become such a well-established standard, it’s worth remembering that this lucrative model is still very young. The change in public sentiment over user data collection and monetization shows that the door is still wide open for innovative solutions.

For sports fans on Scorum, the model remains but the outcome changes significantly thanks to the integration of the public distributed ledger. By selling ad space in Scorum for the native cryptocurrency, active users on the media platform are rewarded with half the ad revenue through an automated and transparent profit-sharing model.

Sports brands and events get to reach out and interact directly with their target audience while writers, curators and active users get fairly compensated for bringing value to the community.

As the action on the pitch heated up at the World Cup, thousands of articles were posted on Scorum in the first month since the launch as new users shared coverage, pre-game insights, betting tips, match analysis and DFS team selection guides.

Beyond Cryptocurrency

“What we’ve tried to do since day one is create an engaging sports fan experience. The popularity of viral news and video, fantasy sports and sports betting around the world continues to rise. By harnessing that keen interest, modern design principles and the merits of blockchain tech, we are well on our way to achieving that goal.”

– CEO and Co-Founder Vlad Atemyev

The Scorum Research and Development team, located in Minsk, has since its inception focused on creating a user-centered suite of products that appeal to the modern sports fan first and introduces them to the world of blockchain second. Recently, Scorum landed on Product Hunt and collected enough votes to rise to the #3 product of the day and has also joined the HYPE-Sports Innovation Top 50 startup accelerator program.

Read more about Scorum and be part of the sports media revolution!

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