PRESS RELEASE: List the Coins at Zero Fiat Cost with Ibinex’s Diverse Crypto Trading Infrastructure

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Ibinex, a private label cryptocurrency exchange distributor, is allowing its customers to list their coins at no fiat cost. The company has simplified the process of listing and has made the process easy for the coin founders.

Ibinex CEO Simon Grunfeld says

“It becomes important to create value and presence for the newly issued coin to gain the trust of the investors, but the process is costly and takes a lot of time. To overcome this problem our company has come up with a smarter solution. We offer a customized P2P listing solution which is safe, transparent and budget friendly”.

The company gives full freedom to the coin founders to take control of their venture’s future and to enhance the coin’s value by providing them their own cryptocurrency exchange. Ibinex’s listing plan offers the following benefits:

1) A user-friendly ecosystem which is cost-effective and which provides full control to the coin founders;

2) Keeps the token secure by creating the secure traction ring for the prevention of huge losses and operational scams;

3) Value addition to the coin by creating a trading ring which is fast and safe;

4) No starting cost;

5) Quick on-boarding process (within 4-6 weeks).

Ibinex , which was launched in 2014 with an aim to fill the gap between traders and exchanges provides a platform for all those who want to offer cryptocurrency products to their investors or want to list their own ICOs or who intend to get the leveraged trading solutions. The company provides fully set up cryptocurrency exchanges which can be personalized and managed by the buyers according to their need. The company manages everything– from KYC to crypto liquidity – in a safe and transparent environment. The company’s cold and hot wallets hold all the funds safely. The company works to provide the highest level of security to its customers and removes all the potential threats in advance. The company also claims to secure the ventures, coins and investor’s funds for its customers.

By providing great listing solutions, the company has offered a cost-effective and safe ecosystem for its customers. The company’s service is not confined to the listing solutions, but it also gives a personal cryptocurrency platform which adds additional income and liquidity opportunities to its customers.

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