PRESS RELEASE: Kayamori: “Cryptocurrencies are Evolving Everyday and There’s a lot of Changes Taking Shape”

Crypto Daily Roundup – Aug 16, 2018
August 16, 2018
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August 16, 2018

According to Mike Kayamori, CEO of Quoine Japan is one of the “more progressive” nations that has frameworks in place for safe and regulated trading of cryptocurrencies. He stated this on CNBC video interview .

“Cryptocurrencies become more and more tradeable, money comes in, money goes out, so exchanges needs to be regulated.”

Mike Kaymori said starting the conversation and then kept further,

‘Cryptocurrencies are evolving everyday and there’s a lot of changes taking shape going forward. Cryptoindustry is evolving, regulation is evolving as well. Japan was the first global economic powerhouse to put a framework and regulation arround cryptocurrency and exchanges and they are evolving that regulation to need how the cryptoindustry is moving forward.’

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Mr. Kaymori reminded to audience that 2 years ago there was no such thing as ICO’s, there was only Bitcoin and few other main cryptocurrencies. Now – people buy and sell hundreds and thousands cryptotokens and cryptoindustry will do everything to make it in a safe and regulated matter and Japan is one the ‘more progressive’ countries where this will happen.

Quoine is leading fintech company that provides trading, exchange, and next generation financial services powered by blockchain technology.


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