PRESS RELEASE: IOTA Is Accepted By Monster Cleaning In UK

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October 31, 2018
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October 31, 2018

In a significant development in the cryptocurrency segment, IOTA is accepted by Monster Cleaning in the United Kingdom. As you might already know, IOTA is not created with blockchain technology but with a new directed acyclic graph protocol known as ‘The Tangle.’ The move comes amidst increasing demand for IOTA program as it is keen on ushering in an international community for a shared economy.

Discounts To Customers

In a tweet, Monster Cleaning , a professional cleaning company currently operating in London, Loverpool, Manchester and Oxford disclosed that it would offer its customers a 20 percent discount on every booking that is paid with IOTA token. The offer is available for the period until the week ending November 4. IOTA is regarded as not only scalable but also feeless and decentralized besides being an open-source distributed ledger technology (DLT). Currently, there are 111,689 readers while 779 are exploring the tangle.

Untill the end of the week (4.11.2018) we are giving our customers a 20% discount on all bookings paid with #IOTA

#iota #iotatoken #cryptocurrency #crypto #IOT #tangle

— Monster Cleaning (@mnstrcleaning) October 30, 2018

One of Redditors , Rsoekar has asked whether it would be a structural payment option for its customers or just for the time being only. Another tweet sought to know the gains of accepting IOTA as a payment option. There are other tweets like “massive,” “monstrous,” “Gigantus,” and “Clean.” There are some more tweets indicating that the guy is keen on gaining IOTA community attention.

On the other hand, a tweet suggested that

“Maybe in the future, the robots cleaning up collectively managed by an iota. The more rubbish they find, the more they get.”


The IOTA Tangle enables micropayments without any payment, and this will establish a fresh market. That is because products and services, which were difficult to be charged earlier, could now be managed digitally. The key factor is that IOTA could operate without any issues of scaling relative to other conventional digital coins.

Micropayments enable to do a number of things like store owners and businesses to sell or rent content rather than big blocks of time. This included products and services and information. This has been established mainly for creating machine-to-machine transactions and peer to peer micro transactions apart from remittances.

Image via Monster Cleaning

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