PRESS RELEASE: IOTA Introduces Its Research Council of Distinguished Academics to Ensure High-End Achievements

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November 17, 2018
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November 17, 2018

Serguei Popov, a research mathematician working in the field of probability theory and stochastic processes, today introduced the IOTA Research Council and explained its vision and goals.

IOTA evolves distributed ledger technology and forms the backbone of a future automated data-driven society, but with this monumental task comes a growing responsibility for oversight and governance of this potentially world-changing technology.

Council will consist of distinguished academics

Reason to this supervisory board were established to set the strategic technological direction, provide academic oversight to IOTA research, assess and grant funding to academic partners, and oversee collaboration with academia and other research organizations.

The release says,

Council will consist of distinguished academics that are at the forefront of their area of expertise. It will not only provide invaluable input to the research strategy and initiatives, but will also oversee the quality of our research to ensure high academic standards.

Currently, the list of academics include, Professor Gur Huberman , Dr. Moody Alam and Serguei Popov himself.

According to Popov, experienced academics to the Research Council will be added all the time.

Demand for IOTA

All in all, Demand for IOTA program is increasing as it is keen on empowering an international community to create a shared economy. The founder of IOTA Foundation David Sonstebo pointed out that more than 600 corporations have shown interest in IOTA within last 12 months.

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