PRESS RELEASE: Interactive Brokers Brings a New Flexible Series Selector

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June 15, 2019
PRESS RELEASE: Interactive Brokers Brings a New Flexible Series Selector
June 15, 2019

Interactive Brokers is making it easier for traders to add, remove, or modify the series they are shown on the different plot. This will be achieved via their new Futures Term Structure Tool .

Easier and more flexible trading

The TWS Platform, operated by Interactive Brokers, will be enriched with the Futures Term Structure Tool. The tool is available on the latest beta version of the platform and provides a flexible series selection to traders . The users can now add or remove the series from the different plot they are shown. They can also decide how each series is calculated. All these functionalities will be enabled with just one click and will be available in the configuration panel of the platform.

The new tool will also allow traders to see labels for currently selected difference definitions between the different plot and the price plot. The border colors of the plots will also differ on the basis on series color. Interactive Brokers’ TWS platform will use the trader’s configuration to update the default series in the difference plot. If the trader changes dates on the price plot or changes their configuration, the difference plot will change accordingly.

Navigating the new tool

To change the difference series definition, traders need to click on the label. They will be presented with a small popup which allows traders to select dates on the price plot. Once done, the platform will select the definition according to the price plot. To remove a series and the definition related to use, users can click on the X inside the color border. To add a series and a definition, they need to click on the + button. Removing dates from the checkboxes on the top will remove all definition containing the date. Selecting a new date will generate a new definition and series.

The definition will be kept safe in the Futures Term Structure window or on the selection of a new future. It would not be affected by logging out of restarting the platform . The tool will be available by selecting a futures contract and using the right-click menu to select Charts, followed by the Term Structure. It comes with the “Today Last Price” series to make things easier for traders. The first node of the series will consist of underlying/index price whenever available. Traders can add value markets for this node as well. The previous version of the TWS has also been enhanced.

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