PRESS RELEASE: Initiative Q is Not Cryptocurrency. It’s Something Between DigiCash and Monopoly Money

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There are already enough reports and hints that Initiative Q sees tremendous growth due to its social media invite-only system. The objective is to become a digital coin where the value will grow like a pyramid scheme since the latecomers will be compelled to part with their rewards portion to initial adopters. While some think that it cannot be the next bitcoin, there are others who think that its importance could range between DigiCash and monopoly money.

Not a Cash Grab

According to Finder Initiative Q is only trying to solve issues connected with not only the digital currencies but also establish a system to fuel wealth to several sections of people. At the same time, it cannot be compared with anything like initial coin offering (ICO) or cash grab to take advantage of the situation. Signing up is totally free though there are question marks about the self-respect.

One need not worry even if someone misses it since Initiative Q does not offer anything in terms of value. That is because there is no perceptible reason to encourage anything to accept Q tokens relative to real or fiat money. The other factor is that even if the company introduces a payment network, it is facing issues with its centralized design pattern.

Best Innovation

Significantly, the Initiative Q is vague on how the actual payment network will look like and the way it should work. The company plans to do it anytime between 2019 and 2021 and still don’t know the purpose for which it is working. However, the company remains confident and assert itself that it would come out with “the best innovations in payment technology.” The Q is meant to be the Initiative Q system’s native currency.

While stating that it is not a digital coin and not the next bitcoin, it will look like the next DigiCash , which was established in 1989 and controlled through a centralized firm enjoying a full control. Though it was considered an innovative one at that point in time, it has ended up filing for bankruptcy. One of the reasons for it is that it entered the scene too early.

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