PRESS RELEASE: How Do Online Bookies Deceive Users and Is There Any Way to Avoid It?

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September 4, 2018
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It’s no secret that online bookies and casinos monitor your every step, which is actually quite normal, given the fact that the level of fraud in this area is quite high. At the end of the day, these casinos simply cannot work at a loss and they have the right to refuse suspicious users in accepting their bets or to reduce them. These bookies have scores of employees who are dedicated and actively engaged in tracking each and every step of every user. Bookmakers can tag such fraudulent accounts by using several basic mechanisms: IP addresses, cookies, social media, etc.

How can you try to avoid these things?

Big Brother is watching, all the time, and you just know that everything gets reported automatically. If you want to come out from under the eyes of the bookies, follow the simple rules:

regularly clear the cookies from your browser history;

do not create multiple accounts;

do not make your activities related to betting public on social networks.

Of course, you can take some measures to game the system. Or, at least you can try. Sure, you can start a new clean account if you have a technical mindset and are well versed in how computers and networks are arranged.

But how effective is this decision? Not really, to be honest. If you professionally beat casinos and online betting shops, you can use these techniques, but if you cheat, at some point you will have to face the consequences.

But what about ordinary players who like to bet on those sports that are well known to them, and what if they would like to benefit from their knowledge? Is there a way to avoid total surveillance when entering data into the system, and in case of winning, is it possible to get your money quickly and completely? Yes! It is possible, thanks to blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies are the future of gambling.

Сryptocurrency projects are able to keep high rates and limit/control customers minimally, as long as they do not work with fiat money. Having saved themselves from a significant part of the costs associated with the turnover of fiat money, they can afford serious relief for customers. The slogan of one of the leading cryptocurrency betting companies is “1xBit – the future of betting”. How do they differ from regular online casinos and bookmakers?

1xBit is the leading Bitcoin sportsbook and casino website. It does not work with fiat money, all bets are in cryptocurrency here. Therefore, they do not need to require any documents and screenshots from their users, because they don`t work within the traditional banking system.

They have lower costs and no problem with client verification. Deposits and withdrawals are quite fast — 1xBit does not need to delay payments to check the details, and the main cryptocurrency works quite fast at the moment. So, 1xBit stands out among other online bookmakers. Though it is relatively young, 1xBit has already won the trust of several hundred thousand sports fans.

1xBit has one of the most convenient websites for sports betting. You will be able to find numerous betting opportunities here. 1xBit uses a flexible system of bonuses during the game and even a partial compensation of loss in case of several losses in a row.

The main advantage of 1xBit is the ease of entry into the ranks of players. All rules and instructions, detailed and clear, are translated into many languages; a player can place a bet with just a single click. The registration process is quick and simple — no need to upload scans of documents, wait for confirmation, and so on. After passing a quick and easy registration , you can start playing, and the process of depositing and withdrawing funds is as fast as possible, while the payment methods are both safe and convenient.

Online betting is a good opportunity to convert your sports knowledge and intuition into real money. With it, you`re able to turn your interest into profit. With the Internet and today’s cryptocurrency tech you can play any time you want it, 24/7. You even can make live bets here, and that noticeably increases the chances of winning.

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