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The Ethereum Foundation has explained the process of decision making for grants program. The company is clear that that grants team is faithful to the Ethereum community resources. As part of its efforts, the firm indicated that the grants are based on how the return and the impact on its ecosystem in the long-run.

Grants Scope

The foundation also explained the ambit of its grants since it is keen that they are used for the purpose for which it is given. The company listed the open source as one of the scopes while stating that funding is available only for future work. Similarly, it is keen on avoiding playing as any favorites and wants to be faithful to the community. In the same way, it is not keen on taking advantage of any one team over others.

The company is categorical in avoiding grants during the application layer. The firm is keen that teams should apply during the application layer itself even as they are focused on creating open source tools for the wider ecosystem. Similarly, it is a firm that just by giving grants; it does not mean any endorsement of specific projects. Therefore, it wants to avoid offering any ‘stamp of approval.’

Assessment Of Applications

The foundation is attaching at least four important factors while assessing the applications for grants. The first is that how important the project would be for the ecosystem while the second is in respect of urgency. The third factor is that it would be asses as to whether any other is working on the same issue and if so how many. The fourth is the quantum of value relative to doing nothing.

In its blog, the foundation said,

“We are favorably biased towards projects with reasonable paths towards sustainability. This helps ensure a long-term impact on the investment of community resources.”

For this purpose, it is looking for those with enough experience and decides the grant amount. It will also consider the proven capacity to execute the projects. On top of these, the company is keen that they should align with its values.

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