PRESS RELEASE: ETH vs TRX: Is Tron ’The Ethereum Killer’? Exclusive Interview with Tron Executive

Crypto Daily Roundup – Dec 9, 2018
December 9, 2018
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December 9, 2018

As Tron is aiming to go mainstream, the battle between Ethereum (ETH)

1.43 % and Tron (TRX)

1.48 % is intensifying. Just few days ago two founders clashed on Tweeter when Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin accused Tron founder Justin Sun of plagiarism.

In a recent CodeXpert interview with Tom Mao – Tron Foundation executive, who handles technical writing and media division, said that:

“Tron has solved the scalability issues that were present in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ethereum has a proof of work system which gives rise to energy inefficiency and very centralized mining cartels. We have tackled these problems at Tron with very unique proof of stake system where TRX holders have the right to vote for Super Representatives. That helped to democratize and decentralize the ecosystem. It gave power from mining cartels down to basically you and I who can buy TRX and exercise our voting right.”

On being asked whether Tron is an Ethereum killer, he hinted that the reason behind the creation of Tron was to tackle the scalability challenges that legacy coins like Ethereum have run into. “And we have tackled these challenges with the unique perspective and unique solution” – Tron Foundation executive said.

He added, “The cost to develop smart contracts on Tron is about the half of Ethereum. Also, Tron has transaction speed of 2000 TPS compared to Ethereum’s (10-15) TPS. From the perspective of developers & businesses, I think there’s definitely advantages of Tron over Ethereum. Besides, Ethereum is not very environmentally friendly since it uses a lot of energy to mine blocks.”

Over the discussion on Ethereum 2.0, he said he doesn’t have any details of Ethereum 2.0 development.

Tom also talked about recent developments in technical side saying there are many exciting development tools released by Tron like tronbox , tronstudio , trongrid and tronweb . He also urged developers to migrate their DApps from Ethereum to Tron and argued that there are many incentives for developers to migrate from Ethereum to Tron.

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